Wembley wonders captured in Mossley station artwork

MEMORIES of Mossley AFC’s biggest day have been brought back to the forefront of many minds with new art installations at the town’s train station.

Artist Chris Cyprus has seen three new pieces placed on the platform from where many fans departed for Wembley in 1980.

One of them was the Seel Park club’s chairman, Stephen Porter, and the images showing moments from the FA Trophy final against Dagenham brought it all back.

He said: “My dad took my two brothers and I and we got the train.

Mossley AFC join local artist Chris Cyprus and members of Mossley Town Team in the project

“I think there were four that went from here, they had the old locomotive at the front and then 10 carriages.

“They actually had to move the train down so everyone could get on the carriages towards the back.

“It was an amazing day and to have these here now, where the journey first started, is brilliant.

“They perfectly encapsulate the day. There’s Leo Skeete shaking hands with Dagenham’s captain and them being on the train station is great.

The installations on the platforms at Mossley railway station

“I love Chris’ work, everybody in the town loves Chris’ work. I could see things popping up, so I asked if there was anything specific we could do that’s football related?

“I think there’s one picture that’s got the floodlights of Seel Park on, so we started a conversation and he was working on them in the background.

“When we saw them, we were like, ‘Wow.’

“We love them and they combine the two things, the football club and the history of the town.”

Artist Chris Cyprus

Mossley AFC sponsored the installation, which is now part of the growing art trail, which has seen several pictures placed on public buildings and landmarks after an idea by Mossley Town Team.

Chris’ work which was at the station, but has now been replace, is actually on show at Seel Park and he has supplied the club with reprints in A1 size for them to sell to our fans and bring funds into the club.

For the man responsible for the brilliant portraits is thrilled to combine the town with his love of old-style station art.

Mossley AFC manager David Fish and Chairman Stephen Porter

Chris told The Correspondent: “I’ve always had a fascination with railway posters, they’re a lot of the inspiration for my earlier work.

“This kind of illustrative work, the old vintage travel posters and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have some here?’

“Not everyone knows about the Wembley thing. I was about eight-years-old when it happened. I was watching people getting on the train.

“Now when people get off the train at Mossley, they see the pictures and go, ‘I didn’t know that.’”

Mossley’s day at Wembley actually means Stephen and Chris share a common bond.

The now chairman said: “There was only my mum looking after the town,” to which the artist added: “And me, I was still here!”


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