Stalybridge’s Bridge Fest proves a smash hit in second helping

STALYBRIDGE is set to get a third dose of festival spirit after its second dose proved even bigger and better than its first.

Bridge Fest took over the town on Saturday, September 2, as several venues played host to musical and artistic performances.

Standing room only at Bridge Beers

It is often the sign of a good show when people are queuing out of the door to watch, as was the case as lines formed along Melbourne Street close to Bridge Beers.

Now talk ahs already turned to 2024’s edition, with even more places likely to offer more for the hundreds of people who attend.

This year started at Stalybridge Library, with Amanda Kay’s children’s session kicking things off before handing over to Stalybridge Festival Orchestra.

Jonathan Reynolds MP with Cllr Leanne Feeley

Even politicians got involved as Jonathan Reynolds MP ended up joining an impromptu choir as Holy Trinity Church offered people the chance to join in.

Armentieres Square and the junction of Melbourne Street and Grosvenor Street echoed to the sweet sound of brass music as Stalybridge Old Band and Adamson Brass Band performed.

And the town’s musical talent shone through with a series of performances at locations across the town centre.

The performances – and the reaction of people, many of whom came from outside the area, to them – buoyed the volunteers from Stalybridge Town Team who both organised and ran Bridge Fest 2023.

So much so, they are already exploring what they can do in 2024, and where.

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