Mossley mill licence granted despite objections

A MOSSLEY mill has had an alcohol licence granted ahead of a pizza restaurant being set up, despite opposition from people living nearby.

Alexander Smalley has been given permission to sell beverages at Vale Mill Lodge, on Huddersfield Road, by Tameside Council.

However, he has been told an outdoor area cannot be used for the consumption of alcohol at all and it cannot have food served on it after 7pm.

That comes after many neighbours hit out at the plans, plus the fact a footpath runs through it.

Vale Mill Lodge in Mossley

It will also be allowed to play ‘background’ music while it is open.

Vale Mill Lodge was formerly used as business offices and it does not require planning permission to change the first floor into a restaurant, plus an ancillary takeaway and delivery service.

If the business is successful, the lower floor may be used.

Mr Smalley, who was a proprietor of Uppermill’s Pizza Love, was met with fierce opposition after lodging his proposals to Tameside Council’s speakers panel (liquor licensing) committee.

Papers revealed the applicant, who lives at Hole House Farm on Huddersfield Road, organised a mediation meeting on August 10, at which people could discuss their concerns.

One said: “Tudor Close is a safe and quiet environment.  The mere idea of a pizzeria/takeaway in this location is without doubt ludicrous. It is simply too close to private homes.”

Another wrote: “My quality of life and that of my neighbours on my close and other nearby private homes will be drastically affected.

“Why should I suddenly have to change the way I live my life to accommodate Mr Smalley?

“His actions will affect my quality of life and that of any local residents. For me, his actions are going to curtail the enjoyment of my home and peaceful garden.”

Many pointed out issues over car parking, which is already seen as an issue on that stretch of road, which lies on a bend.

However, at a meeting on Tuesday, August 22, it was given the go ahead on the premises between noon and 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and from noon until 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

A number of other conditions were attached, including no vertical drinking being allowed, a designated smoking area outside the premises must be away from neighbouring properties and bins cannot be collected between 6pm and 10am

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