Teenager arrested over ‘dangerously out of control’ dog in Stalybridge

A TEENAGER has been arrested after reports a dog grabbed a young child in Stalybridge.

Officers rushed to the scene on Windermere Road on Friday, September 8 and an animal is believed to have been taken in the care of veterinary specialists.

They are also investigating the circumstances of the incident after a 17-year-old boy was arrested then released.

Much has been made in recent days about American Bully dogs, with home secretary Home Secretary Suella Braverman saying the breed, known for its stocky, muscular appearance, is a “clear and lethal danger” to people, particularly children.

Windermere Road in Stalybridge

And she announced she was seeking “urgent advice” on banning them, particularly the XL type.

The dogs, which come in standard, pocket, classic and XL types, are the result of American Staffordshire terriers and pitbull terriers being crossed.

A number of other breeds have been mixed in to create an even more muscular dog.

Greater Manchester Police could not confirm the dog’s breed or ownership details relating to this incident.

But a spokesman said: “Greater Manchester Police were called to reports of a dog dangerously out of control on Windermere Road in Stalybridge at around 6pm on Friday, September 8.

“The victim, a young child, thankfully didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

“A 17-year-old boy was arrested as a result and has since been released under investigation with enquiries ongoing into this incident.

“Anyone with information of additional detail that may help officers with their investigation is asked to call 101 quoting incident 3271 of 08/09/2023.”

3 Replies to “Teenager arrested over ‘dangerously out of control’ dog in Stalybridge”

  1. Here we go again with xl bully the worse dog breed in Britain any dog can snap not all bully breeds are bad dogs mine is a Johnsons won’t ever let him out for his safety ????

  2. The Tameside Correspondent should not publish stories that are misleading and totally inaccurate.
    The dog was not out of control. He wasn’t even out of his garden.
    I have reported Tameside Correspondent for misinformation

  3. They are out of control, just days before a group of young boys were at the park on the top of the hill with a few of those dogs. One broke lose and headed for my dog then he headed straight for the child with a ball. The teenage owner showed no accountability and shouted at the child and child’s father for having a ball. Nonsense. Get rid!

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