Residents invited to public exhibition of planned retail centre in Hattersley

NORTH West based property developer Maple Grove, part of the Eric Wright Group, in collaboration with Onward Homes, is bringing forward proposals for a new mixed-use development on land on the corner of Stockport Road and Ashworth Lane in Hattersley.

The site has lain dormant for over 14 years. It has historically been earmarked by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council for the development of a new district centre to serve Hattersley.

The plans include a new Aldi food store, Costa Coffee drive-thru, 16 electric vehicle charging points and up to eight new employment units. The scheme includes 179 customer car parking spaces with landscaping proposed across the site to enhance its appearance, in keeping with the local style.

Artists impression of Hattersley development

Residents are invited to attend the public exhibition and make their views known. The event will be held:

At: Hattersley Hub, accessed via the main entrance
On: Tuesday, September 12 from 2.30-7pm

A spokesperson for Maple Grove said:

“We’ve been preparing these plans for some time and are delighted to be launching our public
consultation on the planned new retail centre for Hattersley.

With various residential schemes being progressed in Hattersley, we’re confident that there is local
demand for an increased retail offering in the area. We want to hear the views of the local community before we submit a planning application to the council.

We’d encourage local residents to attend our exhibition event to meet the team, view our plans and ask any questions they may have about the proposals.”

If residents are unable to attend the public exhibition and would like more information, they can contact the project team, via email at, or via phone on 0800 298 7040.

24 Replies to “Residents invited to public exhibition of planned retail centre in Hattersley”

  1. I am all for development and regeneration however I am concerned that this will be another place for kids to hang out – our community is slowly being diminished, nothing to connect us together unless you don’t work and can go to the hub. We used to have the pubs where we could socialise and be able to find out what was happening in the community whose children were misbehaving and being able to go home and chastise them. I feel sorry for everyone who live on the estate with nowhere to go unless they travel. More shops, more housing less community and less areas for children to play. Please look at how many children live on the estate, where can they go, how many parks are there, how many places do they have to socialise then tell me we need this development , think of the working people, the increase in traffic, parking etc so many things not considered. The roads we have are not safe without more areas to consider.

    1. I agree ???? percent, I’ve been saying the same for years we don’t need anymore houses we need something for the kids to go and adults also need somewhere we can socialise be a community again as it stands at the moment there is almost no green space left that hasn’t been built on even our green belt is being used for houses, let us have our community

  2. Why would you put a aldi there when there is a tesco one or the other would end up shutting down which would result in people losing jobs and charging stations for electric cars how about building something for the children that live up here different things for different ages all the green space is just being used for building houses which looks ridiculous mixed with council houses give the estate something it hasn’t got not something we have got

  3. While I welcome some good use of the land.aldi,Costa etc will give some jobs hopefully to hattersley people.we do need an upto date modern doctors surgery.this one has served us over 60 years ..also need a secondary school ,don’t understand bussing our children all over the place,seems crazy to me.when the doctors is sorted yes our children and teens have nothing to do other than cause trouble and wreck things .it’s time they got something they want too.enough money has been made off the land up here.remove grass verges so people can park and make crossing roads much sure there’s much more we want a community we all can enjoy and be proud of.

  4. There has already been so much development in the area and not for the better.

    The roads are busier than ever due to all the new homes, the amenities in the are are no longer suitable for the amount of people in the area.
    Drs surgery isn’t big enough
    Dentists are a common problem for space but they’re full.
    The high school was knocked down and moved and very few from here make it into the newer school now.

    Majority of parks have been removed, 2 sub par ones have been built.

    The football /basketball courts have been removed for housing.

    But like everything up here it’s neglected by the council with upkeep.

    This development is not needed, what a mess the council and developers have made of this beautiful countryside estate.

  5. My main concern is the increase in traffic – Ashworth Lane isn’t designed to accommodate more traffic.
    TESCO will probably support the building of ALDI because then they will have the perfect excuse to turn the existing store into a warehouse distribution centre.
    I won’t be making use of COSTA – not when the Hub provides excellent refreshment for a fraction of COSTA’S prices and you’re always greeted with a smile!

  6. I think this is great news for the area
    It will bring jobs and more choices for shopping
    All the land in recent years have been used for housing and the shops will be a good addition
    It will save travelling to Hyde and be a good addition to the community as a whole

  7. My only concern is the electrify power line that passes through the area mapped out for this development.
    The environmental health hazards for members of the public using this facilities must be risk assessed particularly in terms of leukemia.

  8. Hattersley does not need another retail outlet , hattersley doesn’t need another car park when Tesco car park is never used to full capacity!. Hattersley does not need a Costa coffee outlet.

    Hyde has already been destroyed in the name of ‘regeneration’. Gee cross/ godley is about to be destroyed by overpopulation with the proposed building.

    What hattersley needs URGENTLY is a new health centre that can cope with the amount of patients, currently it has over 5000 patients with less than three GP’s , stretched to breaking point. Hattersley needs a secondary school to replace the one demolished in the name of regeneration!, More social housing for families, more play areas more community support for families with disabilities and severe health conditions.

    Hattersley needs infrastructure not Aldi not Costa coffee, and goodness knows what else. LISTEN TO THE RESIDENTS OF HATTERSLEY!. Otherwise people will be moving away not moving to hattersley.

  9. To say people will be leaving Hattersley is poppy cock. The demand to move here is plain to see, hence the large housing project over the last several years
    New shops provides more variety and new jobs, the traffic won’t get any better till the Mottram bye pass is completed. The parking on the roads can be eased by removing grass verges on key bus routes.
    There’s a gym and football playing area’s already in place and you never see them full
    Let’s build the shops, it was approved back in 2018 so let’s get on with it, otherwise we keep going round in circles. Won’t be long before people against the idea start to place crested newts on the land to slow it down even further

    1. Someone triggered a local council member clearly.

      Football facilities are paid pitches. These are not for public use without fees or are usually booked up with local teams.

      People are moving to Hattersley when buying homes it’s also had leaflets send out for social housing / bought properties as the beautiful countryside estate! Well sorry to say that is no more.

      There has never been a lessened sense of community since all this development.
      Do I blame people buying houses.. no , not when the same properties built in other areas are twice the cost.

      Is there enough amenities in the area… no

      A great statement above about the GP surgery which struggles with capacity daily.

      Your statement on football pitches isn’t accurate.

      I believe you are the one talking poppy cock.

      More jobs locally? Is that what’s needed in the area, most people who can work ,do work up here. The few that don’t is because they can’t or won’t., so more retail outlets will not improve anything locally, just add to the traffic increase giving more influence to CAZ initiatives.

  10. Why all but destroy Hyde then develop Hattersley? Actually regenerate Hyde as it’s central for everyone, use the land in Hattersley for social housing as it was intended rather than run Hyde to the ground to turn the town centre into housing. The so called redevelopment of Hyde is, as I understand it, totally unfunded. And the word consultation means something totally different to Tameside council than to the rest of us. Not sure why I’m commenting as I’m sure it’s a done deal !!

  11. What’s happening with access to the Bridleway on the site ? We are being pushed out even more being forced on to dangerous roads

  12. These plans are worse than pathetic at the moment Ashworth lane and surrounding area is a nightmare just imagine what it would be like after these plans come into fruition use . Where are the intelligent planners these days ? All they can see is the increased rates they can produce.

  13. It’s funny how most of these comments are all negative and against the proposals. I can guarantee when the retail park is built you’ll all be over there . I’ve lived on this estate all my life, I’m definitely all for the retails park.
    What you’ve got to realise, the retail park will generate more investment in to the estate. So for all you lot saying we need this and that… it’s coming! A proposal for a secondary school – in planning. Recreational areas for youths – in planning. I just hope when all this has built it doesn’t get ruined like everything else does. Can’t even get a decent bus service without the youths causing issues.

  14. We don’t need extra car parking when Tesco is never full, let alone the top floor which is always empty. I’ve always thought that would be a great place for an electric charging station.
    And I agree, we need a youth centre or similar place for the young people.
    And definitely no more traffic!!

  15. How about building a secondary school instead of more shops which add to the congested roads going through mottram?? Also when will we have a bypass?? Think about it tameside…we don’t need more shops we need more public transport links to Ashton/ stalybridge and other parts of Tameside, as the 201 bus only goes to Manchester and not the other way. We need more play areas for kids, somewhere to walk our dogs, schools, give back to the public rather than big greedy businesses who don’t give back to the community

  16. My family and I moved to Hattersley around Five ago from Romiley and it was a tough decision basically to do with the what we thought of Hattersley and the stigma of it being a run down deprived place but how incorrect we could be. We’ve loved it here and since moving our house price has increased and my opinion the retail park will only benefit greater the local area to drive the local community as a whole and provide jobs. I’m part of various social media forums and a lot of people complain about the lack of Green space and I agree it has been taken over by new housing but all you have to do is look around beyond the estate and all you can see are green hills and a beautiful countryside, for me that’s the green space I need.

  17. I think it’s a good idea but then it’s also not. The traffic in Hattersley is ridiculous since all of the new builds. Plus this will attract people from other area’s which we don’t need. Other things need putting in place and redeveloped before creating this retail park. The community is growing but nothing being done about schools, doctors, dentist etc. I have lived here for over 10 years now and have to travel to Woodley for doctors and Denton for a dentist. The park on Clough End Road needs redoing, nothing to it for the kids. Wasted park space as it’s never used! Again I agree with others, parking on the road sides needs to be put in place especially on Fields farm Road, it’s so dangerous. Get rid of the grass verges, letters were sent out about this years ago!! The new builds have been given driveways but still park on Fields Farm., I’m surprised a child hasn’t been ran over on there yet!
    Please sort out other issues before creating this retail park!

  18. This is not to create jobs or convenience, it’s the council selling off land to private companies and big corporations,
    Why not build a huge facility publicly owned for the kids , a friendship club of some sort where all ages and abilities can go and socialise, have fun, entertainment, alternative provision, make pottery, learn to DJ, coding, martial arts.
    It’s about time Hattersley started fighting back!!
    Keep the fat cats out, they take our council tax and give nothing in return

  19. Definitely needs the new shops, it’s a wasteland currently serving only as a dog fouling ground where no one picks up.

    Traffic could be an issue though, that’s the only down side.

    And I’m not sure what demographic the rest of the commenters are on here but no kid you ask wants a youth club or social facilities, they have PlayStations and phones etc so stop banging on about it because I can hear the 1970’s calling you.

  20. Why are they building retail units on land that was originally allocated as social housing. The same scenario that happened a few years ago when Tesco’s was built. They also are planning to build 2,500 houses on Godley green belt . The excuse from our local M.P. Johnathon Reynolds is that more housing is needed! As stated by previous correspondents the infrastructure is non existent, traffic is horrendous,and then we have the proposed redevelopment of Hyde town centre . Our elected representatives need to start listening to their constituents!

  21. The people making these huge decisions obviously don’t live in Hattersley so they couldn’t give a shiny sh%te about any opposition from us..the residents.
    Money talks and clearly as long as the cash keeps flowing our voices might be sympathetically heard by some at the Hub but in real terms your wasting your time. We all know how these things work. It’s already a nightmare getting hone after work to top Mottram..looks like it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

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