Denton centre urges dog owners to plan ahead

TWO dogs who are devoted to each other arrived at Dogs Trust’s Denton-based rehoming centre after their owner passed away.

Affectionately known as ‘little and large’ at the centre on Parkway, eleven-year-old Rottweiler-Cross, Chops, and his faithful canine companion, Jack, who is a seven-year-old Jack Russell, have been waiting more than two months for a new home.

Despite the changes they have been through, the centre says Chops and Jack love meeting people and are very friendly so could live with children aged eight and over.

As they don’t like being left home alone too much, a family who are around a lot and don’t have any other pets would be the ideal home.

Best friends Jack and Chops are pictured with Canine Carer Rosanna Frith

Lisa Eardley, Manager at Dogs Trust in Denton, said: “Chops and Jack are adorable and both full of fun. Chops has a few tricks he likes to show people and Jack is more than happy for him to steal the limelight, as long as he gets made a fuss of too.”

But thankfully for Chops and Jack, their owner had thought ahead by signing up to the Dogs Trust’s free Canine Care Card service.

This means a dog is automatically cared for by them if their owner passes away, moves into a care home or receives a life-changing diagnosis which means they can no longer look after their canine companion.

Therefore, other dog owners are being urged to plan ahead when it comes to making sure their four-legged friend is loved and looked after if something happens to them.

“The Canine Care Card gives dog owners peace of mind that their dog will be loved for a lifetime,” Lisa added.

Devoted duo Chops and Jack are looking for a home together after their owner passed away

“We know that the bond between an owner and their dog is entirely unique and it’s hard to imagine that anyone could love and care for their dog as much as they do. But we promise we will.

“We will look after them either at the centre or in one of our wonderful foster homes and when the time is right, we will find them a new home.”

To find out more about the Canine Care Card, go to or get in touch with Nicola Hardman, Supporter Relations Officer, on 0161 337 3605 or via email

Anyone who would like to give Chops and Jack a new home can find out more at

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