Formal scheme for Mossley pavilion submitted

HOPES of reinventing a disused former changing rooms at a Mossley park have taken a step further with a formal application being submitted.

The building at Egmont Street would be transformed into a café and community hub if planning permission is granted by Tameside Council.

Works 4U is behind the scheme, which is hoped to bring new life to what has been a redundant area.

It would also see the building transformed, with extensions added to its front and rear in phases one and two.

Egmont Street Formal Plan

A new elevated patio area would also be installed if the scheme gets the go ahead, while the pathway around it would be diverted.

Talks over what could become of the Egmont Street changing rooms has excited Councillor Stephen Homer, who believes it can prove a huge addition to the area.

He said: “If this is done right, that place will become a destination. People would flock from all over the place to go there.

“If you can make that avenue for people to go to, Works4U will see a massive return on their investment.

“And it would be brilliant for the town as well. It’ll bring more people to Mossley and would open that space up to so much more.

Egmont Street Playing fields, Mossley

“There’s all sorts you can have on those fields, apart from just the sports, and this will open that up. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Norman Mackie, founder and co-director of Works4U, revealed his intentions.

He told Mossley Town Council: “Our intention is to refurbish it as a café with training facilities within it for our young people to gain skills in a real environment.

“I’m probably downgrading it by calling it a café. We don’t intend for it to just be a café. It will be a venue which will incorporate community use and parties.”

Egmont Street’s changing rooms have stood empty for some time and were boarded up by Tameside Council following vandalism and for safety reasons.

Tameside Council adopted an asset transfer policy and listed the changing rooms for disposal.

And after seeking expressions of interest, five initially put themselves forward, including a local youth football organisation, a new company from Hyde specialising in film making, but with community outreach ambitions and a building company.

Works 4U’s plan is backed by Mossley Town Council, which held a consultation session before the formal proposal was lodged.

Chair Frank Travis said: “This is a project two years in the making and one which we are very proud of.

“The Town Council started this as a community-led project, but in the bids for this, Works4U came out far ahead.”

Hopes of the plan getting the go ahead have been boosted by the Canal and River Trust saying it has no objections.

Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee will decided whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

3 Replies to “Formal scheme for Mossley pavilion submitted”

  1. Should be used as changing facilities what it was built for. Tameside probably still Grade Egmont as grade A facility. 2023 & no changing facilities on a football ground is disgusting. Players having to change at the roadside??

    1. Agree, but if not fully feasible maybe changing rooms could be integrated with Cafe facilities therefore providing catering for sports people for on-site refreshments.

  2. I hope there is more talent in the works for you students, when we asked for help we residents at our scheme watch a girl spend all day weeding a 12inch square of flower bed with a spoon.!

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