Stalybridge students beam with pride on GCSE results day

STALYBRIDGE was filled with smiles as students from Copley Academy flocked to collect their GCSE results.

It has been a tough few years for the 2023 cohort, who were the first to sit post-Covid exams having been in just Year Eight when the pandemic hit.

Nevertheless, the local students have seen commendable results, something which principal Ruth Craven feels immensely ‘proud’ of.

“It’s been a fantastic journey for our students here at Copley, I’m so happy to see so many smiling faces as they achieve what they need to make the next step in their educational journey,” she said.

Isabelle Whitfield, Grace Lythgoe and Charlotte Pearce. Images by GGC Media

“This is my fourth year as principal, and I am so proud. They’ve had a lot more to learn than previous year groups, so we made sure to fully prepare them with mock exams, opportunities to learn after school and plenty of time to prepare.

“Our staff have gone above and beyond to make sure the students have been in the right place, learning the right things and I want to send a massive thank you to them, as well as a huge thank you to parents for their support and a well done to all of our students.”

Doors were opened at 10am and one of the first students eager to see how he had performed was Jacob Hurst.

Having achieved admirable grades across the board, he is planning to take his next steps at Ashton Sixth Form.

Jake Rankin and Jacob Hurst. Image by GGC Media

“I’m really happy. In all of my Sciences I got Grade Six, I got a Seven in Maths, a Five in History, a Six in German, which I am really happy with.”

Alongside these, Jacob also earned Fives in English Literature and Music.

He added: “I’m going to Ashton Sixth Form to enrol today, and there I am studying Music Technology, Accountancy and A-Level Maths. I don’t have a set plan for my career yet, but I’m happy to see how it goes.”

Also keen to celebrate his results was fellow student Jake Rankin, who achieved the biggest progress result in Maths.

His achievement has seen him earn the largest grade difference since his arrival in Key Stage Three, highlighting his determination during his secondary school journey.

Matthew Harding

“I’m happy with my results,” he said. “I have dyslexia, so I’ve had to work really hard, but I’ve been given so much support from teachers in all of my subjects.

“My plan is to go to college and the course I want to do is also an apprenticeship as well, so I will be studying 3D Design Engineering.”

Happy faces continued to filter through the doors for the remainder of the morning, with one student, Charlotte Redeyoff, in among the flurry.

Having applied for college earlier in the year, she experienced a change of heart when selecting her courses and was excited to finalise her future path.

She said: “I passed all my subjects which is good. I got two Sevens and a few Sixes. My plan now is to study Public Services, PE, and I think my final choice will be Criminology.”

Charlotte Redeyoff

With a range of opportunities on offer in the Tameside area, students now have more choices than ever when selecting their future pathways.

One student, Adam Conway, has taken full advantage of the developing media world, as he plans to further his studies in E-Sports.

He said: “I was nervous at first, but now I’ve seen my results I’m really happy. I got Sixes in Science, a Seven in Maths and Sevens in English.

“I’m undecided on my future career yet, but I am going to study E-Sports at Tameside College and I’m looking forward to it.”

Preparing students for life after secondary school, Copley Academy offer a range of options to ensure every pupil has a happy school life.

Head Ruth added: “We’ve made sure that there is a range of pathways for students, with academic lessons and a range of vocational courses.

“I believe every student has a talent and a strength and it is up to us to make sure we find that and nurture it.

“We want to meet everyone’s aspirational needs so they are able to go on to college and join a wide range of courses.

“I’m so excited to see how they do and hear of all their successes.”

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