Stalybridge nursery sees Ofsted turnaround to ‘good’ rating

A STALYBRDGE nursery has seen a five-month turnaround after recovering from an inadequate Ofsted rating to being classed as good.

‘Squeals of delight’ were heard around Grow Happy Childcare, on Bridge Street, as inspectors also found children did not want to leave.

It was told it had to improve as it received the lowest possible ranking after failing to tell Ofsted after an allegation against one of its staff members.

But after the provider was described as being ‘committed to making improvements,’ just five months later it was rated good.

Grow Happy Childcare in Stalybridge

In a report from its visit on July 10, Ofsted states: “Leaders have taken on board the findings of the previous inspection and risen to the challenge to improve standards at the nursery.

“Their renewed motivation and drive have successfully improved the quality of care and education to a good standard.

“There is a united sense of purpose across the whole staff team to continue this progress long-term.

“Children arrive happy at this inviting nursery and do not want to leave at the end of their day.

“Staff help children to settle quickly and are always on hand to provide comfort and a cuddle. This helps children feel safe.

Young children show excitement in their learning. They squeal in delight as they squeeze pretend frogspawn between their fingers while learning about the life cycle of frogs.

“Children confidently tell staff that tadpoles become frogs, demonstrating that they have retained knowledge from prior teaching.

“At other times, children sing songs that help them learn simple mathematical concepts, such as less and more, and to subtract numbers one at a time.

“Older children show their sense of responsibility. They help to tidy up after play and wash their hands before snack.”

Trips to a local park also caught the eye of inspectors, as well as the way ‘disagreements’ are handled.

They add: “Staff teach children about their local community during various trips.

“The local park is a highlight as staff help children learn to use the play equipment and take managed risks.

“Children are well supervised by staff as they feel safe to run through the fountains on hot days and have the freedom to explore.

“Disagreements are infrequent, and when they do occur, staff skilfully intervene. Children independently apologise to their friends and quickly move on.”

Inspectors found earlier this year there had been a ‘major decline in the quality of the provision.’

However, this latest review found staff working with parents to help the children’s development.

The report continues: “Staff find out a significant amount of information about children’s interests and knowledge from parents. The nursery provides parents with information on how to extend learning at home.

“This has a positive impact on the progress children make. Leaders have an accurate evaluation of the setting’s strengths and areas for improvement.

“They know that the educational support for children’s social and emotional development is being delivered well.

“Key staff work closely with their key children most of the time, with an effective buddy system in place in their absence. This ensures that the needs of children are met.

“Staff use consistent strategies throughout the nursery, meaning that children have clear boundaries and expectations.

“Coupled with the strengthened curriculum, children are actively and productively engaged in their learning.

“However, strengthening the consistent quality of staff practice rightly continues to be a focus.”

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