Start date set for Stalybridge Civic Hall work

MUCH-DEBATED work to replace the roof on Stalybridge’s Civic Hall will start this month.

And workers who currently use the site will be moved elsewhere in Tameside.

Nine months of work to give the historic building a new cover is set to begin, according to a report to Tameside Council’s strategic planning and capital monitoring panel.

And by May 2024, it should be all completed and the building able to host events.

Stalybridge Civic Hall

The cost of replacing the roof may now approach £3 million – more than five times its initial estimate.

Original costings for the work saw a £558,000 sum increase to £1.69 million in 2021.

But according to a May report, the maximum figure it may set them back is £2,893,000.

Stalybridge being awarded £19.9 million from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund is boosting work being done around the town centre, including the Heritage Walkway and other proposals.

According to the report: “Stalybridge town centre was awarded capital funding of £19.9 million from the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities (DLUHC) in the March 2023 UK Budget.

Inside Stalybridge Civic Hall, September 2021

“The council signed the memorandum of understanding with DLUHC for this funding on June 16 and a delivery programme is now being prepared for the period to March 31, 2026.

“Works to restore the roof at Stalybridge Civic Hall will start on site in August with completion scheduled for May 2024.

“Access to the building during the restoration period will be strictly limited and the decanting of existing occupants of the building to other sites in the borough is being finalised – all events have now been relocated to alternative venues.

“Decant of current occupiers and users is underway and a start date of August 2023 has been identified.”

On the heritage walkway, it adds: “The whole scheme is due for practical completion by the end of 2023.

“A strategy for public realm works to continue delivery of the scheme along the remainder of Market Street and other areas of the town centre is now being prepared.”

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  1. It’s seems money is no problem when it comes these ridiculous buildings from a by gone age, there everywhere , no need for this time and age

  2. Heritage Walkway? Market Street? What Heritage? The only building on Market Street that had any “Heritage” was the Town Hall, and Tameside knocked that down over 30 years ago!!

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