Droylsden venue Industry closes its doors as costs rise

A DROYLSDEN venue which was at the forefront of a growing culture in the town will no longer open after its owners decided to close.

Industry, on Queen’s Walk in the centre, was the dream of local lads Mike Quinn, Andy Pierson and Paul Nixon, who converted the former Lloyds TSB bank.

But as utility bills and other costs have risen, budgets were pushed to the limit before the doors were shut after three years.

In a statement, the trio – who all grew up in Droylsden – said: “It is with the heaviest of hearts we have to say that Industry has closed its doors for the final time.

Industry in Droylsden

“Industry started as an idea between three friends of opening a nice little bar where you could have a drink and get a bite to eat. The reality became so much bigger than that and exceeded all of our expectations.

“Opening at the height of a global pandemic was an enormous challenge and we had so many hurdles to jump just to stay open.

“In our first year, we were only allowed to open five months out of 12 but we powered through because we believed in our vision.

“Since then, plenty of blood, sweat and tears, from both us and our incredible team, has gone in to making Industry what it has been to date.

“Sadly, crippling energy bills, spiralling overheads, lack of government support and VAT/tax increases have made our ‘little’ idea unsustainable, without having to charge extortionate prices.”

Industry was named after the motto on the Droylsden coat of arms, ‘by concord and Industry’ and along with other venues, helped form a hub in the town centre.

After taking on what was a boarded-up building, the two joiners and an electrician spent six months during lockdown turning it into an industrial-style bar.

And this decision is weighing heavily as they added: “Please do not think that this is a decision which has been made lightly.

“We are devastated and we would be grateful if any negative comments could be kept away.

“We know we haven’t been perfect, but we can assure you that we always tried our best without any regrets.

“Thank you to all our customers for your support over the last few years. Seeing people come in and enjoy what we created has been the best part of this whole experience.

“Last but by no means ever least, thank you to all of our amazing team, both past and present. We are forever grateful for your hard work, dedication and loyalty to us and to Industry.”


10 Replies to “Droylsden venue Industry closes its doors as costs rise”

  1. The crippling costs of rent, rates and utility bills are forcing a lot of businesses to close down. Surely Tameside council or whoever the landlords are could come to some arrangement re rent and rates to allow this place to continue. It must be better to have some income coming in, rather than see the place boarded up again.

    1. So sad for Droylsden. The town needs all the support it can get. Just as it’s started to develop ????

  2. so sad to hear this but heard on news about the counsel’s l in liverpool that they were going to give business’s rent at £1., why cant our counsel’s do the same

  3. They have closed after taking a deposit from us a few weeks ago knowing they were closing and despite discussing this last week with us they never mentioned they were closing shop. They have not contacted us to offer a refund and given the climate £250 is a lot to loose. Whilst i sympathise with them i feel that taking money and shutting the doors three weeks later is not professional nor is the lack od contact i found out through a friend they have taken my money and run!

  4. Very sad for the town with a deep heavy heart going out to the owners and staff.. Running any business isn’t easy with the constant pressure of paying your bills on time ,keeping your customers and staff happy is the key to any business but sadly with our present situation with rising cost created from our government one more business has sadly been lost ????

  5. Aww such sad news, yet another small business falling fowl of the times we live in, yet the fat cats getter richer! ????

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