Dukinfield councillor comes up with bright solution to foul problem

A COUNCILLOR has decided to take action to highlight the problem of dog fouling – really highlight it.

For John Taylor has taken to spraying mess left on the street illuminous yellow.

The Dukinfield representative took note of other such schemes operated in nearby Cheshire West and Chester, by South Ribble in Lancashire and authorities around the country.

Cllr John Taylor

So if an irresponsible owner did not bag it up and just left it on the street, he was out with his spray paint and making sure it stood out.

“I’ve seen other councils throughout the country trying this,” said Cllr Taylor while he was on patrol at Tame Street.

“We’ve tried different methods of trying to stop people from allowing their dogs to foul in the streets and on the playing fields.

Facing the issue head on…

“The best way is to catch them and deal with them but unless you’ve got a mass of enforcement officers, you can’t.

“So I noticed councillors spraying it in an attempt to identify it. It lets people who’ve done it know that it’s there but it also lets the public know it’s there so they don’t stand in it and take it in their house.

“This road where we are is absolutely full of it.”

Despite more and more owners bagging up their dog’s mess, increased instances of people leaving it are occurring.

The Dukinfield representative took note of other such schemes operated in nearby Cheshire West and Chester

And Cllr Taylor feels his method, using paint that disintegrates after a few days, is needed.

He added: “The vast majority of dog owners are responsible. They’ll pick it up, bag it and take it home or put it in the nearest bin.

“Some of them, sadly, will pick it up, bag it, then drop it on the floor or throw it.

“So I’m highlighting ones that are left with a paint I’ve researched. It’ll highlight it for a few days – but when I spray it, it’s so obvious.”

3 Replies to “Dukinfield councillor comes up with bright solution to foul problem”

  1. I have adog and always pick up after him , what are you doing about all these tosspots riding scooters and motor bikes with no helmets on just face coverings,no license or insurance.sweet F.A. as usual another useless photo opportunity,it also didn’t go unnoticed the gritters were In the street were Taylor lives when it snowed ,but at lodge close full of old people the grit box was empty. Another useless councillor .

  2. This just goes to show how useless these councillors are, what else can he find to do that’s useless

  3. I don’t see the point of doing this , it will take as much effort to spray it as it would to remove it , and cost less to bin and bag it , than pollute the streets with paint and not to mention the atmosphere with Cs gases .. what a load of …shit

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