Fabularium’s Water Exploration Team Sets Sail in Stalybridge

STALYBRIDGE’S Astley Cheetham Art Gallery welcomed the Fabularium treating children to an interactive workshop on Friday, August 4.

Young minds delved into the fascinating world of marine life and the importance of conserving our precious blue spaces.

The “Water Exploration Team” is an interactive installation made up of a ship and an interactive ice cream van cleverly named ‘the ice green man’.

Children were encouraged to take a closer look at the diverse species that inhabit the depths of our waters and learn about the various ways we can protect their natural habitats.

Enthusiastic participants put their crafting skills to the test, cutting, sticking, and colouring their characters. Once their Crew members were ready, it was time to embark on an adventurous voyage aboard the HMS Puppeteer!

As young captains of their ships, participants had to make critical decisions. Would they dare to face the legendary Kraken, or would they prefer to discover a tropical island teeming with life? The choices were endless, and the bespoke puppets, along with interactive sound effects, allowed imaginations to soar as they sailed through uncharted waters.

For more activities over the summer break, visit https://www.intameside.co.uk/whats-on

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