Homes plan for former site of Mossley’s high school

DEVELOPING the site of a former high school into 50 homes can help boost the area around it, it has been claimed.

Cube Homes, the market sale arm of Great Places Housing Group, has applied to Tameside Council to convert what was Mossley Hollins High School on Huddersfield Road.

And they believe allowing the scheme, which has been altered slightly following consultations with the public and councillors, can ‘contribute towards building a strong, responsive and competitive economy through the creation of jobs and increased expenditure in the local economy.’

They also believe: “The proposals will sustain onsite constructions jobs, together with supporting off site jobs in construction related industries.

“In the longer term it is expected that new residents will spend in the local area which will boost the local economy and sustain jobs.

Plans for the former Mossley Hollins High School site on Huddersfield Road

“New residents will also spend on first occupation expenditure on goods that relate and services that are purchased to make a house ‘feel like a home.’”

The former Mossley Hollins site has stood empty since the school moved across Huddersfield Road in 2011 and even though it is in the green belt, it is listed as being previously developed.

Documents backing the proposal, which would see 12 semi-detached and 38 detached properties built, add: “Following their acquisition of the site, Cube Homes have prepared an alternative proposal for the site, which will be integrated into the site without a negative or incongruous effect on the landscape or the openness of the green belt.

“The key principles that have driven the proposed layout relate to the need to retain openness. make the most efficient use of this brownfield site and achieve a development that is in keeping with the character of the area, particularly its location within the ‘Dark Peak’ national character area.

Former Mossley Hollins site | Photo by Gemma Carter

“Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council will benefit from the Government’s New Home Bonus Scheme together with additional annual Council Tax payments.

“The proposals will secure the delivery of up to 50 new family homes, which will assist in meeting an identified unmet need and will contribute towards the borough’s five-year housing land supply position.

“The proposals will support the creation of strong, vibrant and healthy communities by increasing the supply of housing and delivering new homes which meet the needs of Mossley.

“They will assist in creating a high quality built environment and will ensure the delivery of residential development in a sustainable and accessible location.”

Of the properties, 20 per cent will be classed as affordable housing and if granted, almost £250,000 will be paid to assist council schemes.

The education department has requested a developer contribution of £217,786.80 towards primary and secondary places, while its highways body has requested £27,500.00.

That would see £4,500 for upgrading the footway between Huddersfield Road and The Limes as this route is used by pupils from Mossley Hollins School accessing the bus stop on Winterford Road.

£12,000 would be spent on a pedestrian island on Huddersfield Road, while £2,500 would upgrade pedestrian crossing facilities at the Winterford Road/Huddersfield Road Junction.

Another £8,500 would be used for upgrades to public rights of way in the vicinity of the development.

Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

6 Replies to “Homes plan for former site of Mossley’s high school”

  1. Why can’t there be a small shopping centre for the residents of Mossley, and something for the children ie skate park, park that familys or child minder is easily accessible. Not more houses. The schools are to full, traffic and parking is terrible. You can’t get into a dentist or the doctors.

  2. I stand by what I have said previously regarding this land . It was given to the people of Mossley on the proviso it was used for education .
    How can Shameside Council think they can ride roughshod over the said proviso’s ?
    They stole George Lawton hall, read the article “they can gain revenue from Council taxes ! ” More burden on the doctors dentists etc . Also looking at the plans ONE road in & out . Road blocked fire or ambulance needed ,joke

  3. Mossley needs more schools,doctors ,dentist’s .The Road is a busy road more traffic,danger to pupils of the High school,another at least 50 cars.

  4. The Old Mossley Hollins cannot be considered Green Belt it is currently a disruptive and dangerous Brown Field Site. Where better to build new homes than there. The only concern I have is there does not appear to be any allocation of social housing included. It is a proposal designed to bring profit to a contractor however Tameside Council will benefit from education places both primary and secondary.
    There is an opportunity for increased employment with an increase of profit for local traders. Although I accept the need for more Doctors Dentists etc there is the opportunity to create funding to employ more GPs and Dentists build into the community funding aspect of the build.

  5. Ridicules, Mossley needs doctors and dentists surgeries. It would benefit from a shopping center, not bloody more houses

  6. So more houses to be built at the cost of cutting down more trees which I have seen. Not a good idea it should have been made into a nature reserve to save our wild life. At the moment it’s nesting time for birds etc. How come yet again Tameside council agreed to yet more houses to be build. Trees are very important to our planet. We need to keep our trees for the sake of our clear air planting more trees is important my garden is full of plants trees etc no one can tell me to stop planting anything things I will carry on my garden will be full of plants trees flowers etc etc Imlook around no way will I have congratsnpaths etc

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