Stalybridge Deli Introduces ‘Sunday Club’

By Jessica Kilmartin

A NEW deli in Stalybridge has already been a huge success with people packing in, now it is aiming to take things to the next level with the launch of the ‘Sunday Club,’ where customers can enjoy their afternoon with Italian food, board games and jazz music.

Here, Nonna’s co-owner Anthony Zazzarino tells The Correspondent about its new concept.

NONNA’S Deli, located on Armentieres Square, Stalybridge has proved a hit since its opening in November. Anthony describes his experience at the restaurant as “brilliant,” remarking that “people seem to really like the concept that we’ve got” and “the food and wine have gone down great.”

He believes the deli has a great focus on “keeping things fresh,” they do this through holding weekly events which have had great appeal to customers, including their ‘Taste of Italy Evenings’ every Thursday, which Anthony considers to be a highlight of his ownership.

He said: “It’s just a really nice atmosphere and we’ve got really good feedback from everyone.”

Perhaps the turnout from such events encouraged himself and his co-owner Jack Blanchard to introduce the deli’s Sunday Club.

Nonna’s Stalybridge

He told us to expect an afternoon where customers can come for a couple of hours and relax. With Italian jazz music in the background and board games people can play if they wish, an incredible range of traditional cuisine will also be available at a reasonable cost.

When asked what inspired him to open the event, Anthony added: “Jack and I go out quite a bit on a Sunday afternoon and everywhere just seems to be really busy.

Let the drinks flow, the food be served and the relaxation begin at Nonna’s Sunday CLub

He also noted they wanted to “do something a little bit different – with the games side of it.”

The Sunday Club will begin on Sunday, August 6 and will run from 4pm until 6pm – bookings only. Find at more at:

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