‘Outstanding’ Head Student Team unveiled at Mossley Hollins High School

A GROUP of ‘simply outstanding’ pupils have been unveiled as the new Head Student Team at Mossley Hollins High School.

Head Girl Madeleine Crosby and Head Boy Dean Bottomley have set out their plans and priorities for the year ahead, both in the Huddersfield Road school and in the community.

They will be supported by the Head Student Team of Deputy Head Students Oliver Wilde, Noah Whitfield, Finley Buckett, Alfie Jones, Kalia Delaney-Green, Taylor Williams, Nieve Walne, Tracy Ojeaburu and Courtney Hampson.

The team will lead the Senior Prefects (Year 11) and our Prefects (Year 10) from September 2023.

The school said: “After a rigorous selection process, we are delighted to introduce our new Head Student Team.

“The standard of all our applicants was simply outstanding. Each applicant submitted a personal statement in which they outlined their strengths and their vision for the future of Mossley Hollins High School.

“Each of our students excelled and demonstrated so many different qualities that they had to offer. “We would like to extend our warmest and most deserved congratulations to the students on their appointments.”

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