Hyde Conservative Club targeted for flat development

A CONSERVATIVE Club will be turned into seven apartments if planning permission is granted.

Landa Corporation, which has converted buildings across the Manchester area into living accommodation, has targeted Hyde Central, on Reynold Street.

And it hopes to gain permission from Tameside Council to turn the structure into a mix of one and two-bedroomed properties.

Documents supporting the scheme also state the belief it will add to the town centre.

Hyde Central Conservative Club. Image by GGC Media

They say: “The proposal is believed to bring a lot of public benefit and provide a positive contribution to Hyde town centre.

“The proposed apartments will enhance the vitality and viability of Hyde town centre by increasing the footfall.

“They will attract high quality development and refurbishments along Reynold Street, Market Street and Hyde town centre.”

No car parking is proposed with the development, as developers added: “Due to the proposal proximity to Hyde town centre location and vast availability of public car parks in surrounding area, there is no provision of car parking for development.

“The site also benefits from access to a range of public transport as well as the local train station.”

If permission is granted, access to the site will mainly be through the existing double doors on Reynold Street.

Secondary access will be located from Norfolk Street and entrances will have access control such as a coded lock and a self-closing door system that only allows people with authorisation to access the properties.

Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

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