Extra police powers to remove people from reservoirs area

POLICE have been given extra powers to remove anyone found in the area surrounding reservoirs that are often popular with people in hot weather.

The water in Audenshaw is often the scene of groups either soaking up the sun or jumping in, despite them being on private property, being fenced off and repeated warnings about the dangers of doing so.

Now the Greater Manchester force has been granted the authority to tell anyone within the vicinity around the reservoir to leave the area and not return.

Audenshaw Reservoir 
GMP dispersal Order for Audenshaw Reservoir

People are already banned from swimming in the waters, owned by United Utilities, but the order makes it illegal.

The dispersal order authority applies to anyone found in the locality of Audenshaw Reservoirs, bordered by Corporation Road, Audenshaw Road, Stamford Road, Taylor Lane and the M60.

Audenshaw Reservoir

GMP said: “This area is privately owned land and no member of the public has authority to enter.

“13 Dispersal Notices have already been issued.

“The waters can be tempting during these prolonged periods of dry and warm weather, but the risks of injury and death in open water are very real.”

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