Tameside man jailed for sex offences against young girls

A TAMESIDE man dubbed ‘the worst kind of predator’ has been jailed for 27 years for a string of sex offences against young girls.

Keith Williamson was found guilty of six counts of sexual assault of a child under 13, four counts of sexual assault of a child under 13 by penetration, four counts of rape of a woman over 16 and two counts of rape of a girl under 16.

And after he was sentenced at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court on Tuesday, May 23, for the crimes against two girls – one under the age of 13 and the other under the age of 11 – which dated back to 2011, police say they are delighted he is behind bars.

Williamson, 41, and described as bring ‘of the Tameside area,’ was arrested in December 2018 and in 2020 was charged with 16 separate offences against the two girls.

Keith Williamson

After the guilty verdicts and his sentencing, Detective Constable Ryan O’Hanlon, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Williamson is the worst kind of predator and we are delighted that he is now behind bars and will no longer pose as a threat to children.
“His arrest and subsequent sentencing is only the start of the healing process for the victims of this despicable crime.
“I would like to thank the victims and their families for having the strength to come forward and work closely with us on this case.
“We are acutely aware that the sentencing does in no way make up for what Williamson has subjected them to, but we hope they can draw some comfort from the fact that he is now off the streets.
“We would encourage anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault, or knows someone who has, to get in touch with GMP. We will always listen to you and investigate all allegations.”
Greater Manchester Police can be contacted via 101 or through the Live Chat function on the website, www.gmp.police.uk.

Reports can also be made anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police, or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.
Saint Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Manchester provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated response to men, women and children who live or have been sexually assaulted within Greater Manchester.

They offer forensic medical examinations, practical and emotional support as well as a counselling service for all ages. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and can be accessed by calling 0161 276 6515.
Greater Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential information, support and counselling service run by women for women over 18 who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives.

Call on 0161 273 4500 or email help@manchesterrapecrisis.co.uk
Survivors Manchester provides specialist trauma informed support to male victims in Greater Manchester who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or sexual exploitation. Call 0161 236 2182.

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