Stalybridge Community Hub repossessed

REPOSSESSION of a community hub in Stalybridge does not mean those running it are struggling, they insist.

Notices were plastered all over the building on Grosvenor Street after the landlords decided to ‘peacefully re-enter and take back possession.’

But Active Tameside, which has run the facility from there in association with several services and the involvement of Steven Barton BEM, delivered a ‘business as usual’ message.

Stalybridge Community hub – image by GGC Media

They also say new plans will be made clear in the near future.

About the circumstances surrounding the repossession, they said: “We were aware that the landlord wanted to increase the yearly rental and we then actively looked at different models for the local area that would maximise the services and delivery and this is something we have done and will roll out in the coming weeks.”

And Shaun Higgins, director of health and social outcomes, added: “The Hub will continue has we will be working in partnership with Academy HQ, which is in the same locality and also delivering similar wellbeing service.

Notices on the door of Stalybridge community hub

“This way we maximise impact and in the present climate save on expenditure.”

He also told hub users: “There will be no difference to present delivery model including times or dates and will potentially open more opportunity including additional days and weekends and times and user groups as the building is more accessible.”

Sight of the notices raised fears surrounding the future of Active Tameside, which runs centres and swimming pools across the borough.

Members of the community came together for the launch for Stalybridge community Hub in 2022

However, according to Mr Higgins, this is not a sign of something bigger, adding to The Correspondent: “It’s simply a case of maximising resources for the local area and pooling these resources rather than duplication, which I’m sure in the present climate make both business sense and social responsibility even more sense.”

The hub was opened last April by Tameside councillor Eleanor Wills, who said at the time: “We’ve got to start looking at accessing our communities with health, as well as prevention services and support services.

“This is a great asset. A vehicle that enables people to access that support and these services on their doorstep. We’re looking at having neighbourhood hubs like this where people who need additional support can go.”

The building now lies empty on Grosvenor Street

However, despite the apparent involvement, Active Tameside through Mr Higgins insisted: “No councillors have been directly involved in any way with the hub during concept, design and implementation at the start of the delivery to what is currently the delivery model on site.”

Meanwhile, Active Tameside is seeking a new chair after Denton councillor Denise Ward stepped down.

However, they insisted there is nothing sinister behind the decision, stating simply: “Cllr Denise Ward is no longer chair of active Tameside due to other commitments.”

The Correspondent has made attempts to contact lawyers representing the landlords, Rayglow Securities Limited, who are based in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.


5 Replies to “Stalybridge Community Hub repossessed”

  1. Ruth, Stalybridge Town page. Have you any idea if the Hub has closed its doors to the public.? According to Sewendipity on I live in Stalybridge she was unable to gain access.

  2. From Ruth. Have you any idea if the Hub has closed its doors to the public.? According to Sewendipity on I live in Stalybridge she was unable to gain access.

  3. I live in Stalybridge and haven’t a clue what this “hub” is or what it’s supposed to do? What services if any does it provide? Seems a bit shonky that people who may use it don’t know or haven’t been informed of its office closing?
    We live in peculiar times.

    1. All over FACEBOOK for starters. The hub is fronted by Steve Barton ( losing candidate for Stalybridge North ) and runs a Foodbank which resides on the Labour Club car park and provides essentials for people who are really struggling with the financial situation at the moment, not to mention getting people white goods from local business. He also has a business as self employed gardener locally.

  4. I live here never heard of it until recently, been told it’s a good support for the area, but I’m unfortunately labour councils in Britain, are not interested in funding something, that should benefit the community of Stalybridge.

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