Hyde nursing home gets better – but still needs improvement

A NURSING home once described as ‘boring’ has been praised for the improvements it has made since a critical inspection.

But it has been told it still needs to get better.

Hyde Nursing Home, on Grange Road South in Gee Cross, was issued with four requirement notices and a warning notice when Care Quality Commission inspectors visited in July.

But a follow-up has found a number of improvements have been made, even though its overall rating remains at ‘requires improvement.’

Hyde Care Home on Grange Road South

A report states: “At this inspection we found improvements had been made however the provider remained in breach of regulations.

“Medicines were not always managed safely. We observed a medication round. Although checks were being made by the nurse, medications were being signed for prior to administration which is not in line with policy and NICE guidelines.

“One person was observed to have another person’s eye drops in their pocket.

“The provider was unable to confirm how they had acquired the item as no one was self-medicating in the service.

“We completed a spot check of medications and observed some medication counts did not match up with the expected stock. One box of medication was unaccounted for.

“Following the inspection, the provider investigated and located the medication, which had been incorrectly stored in another treatment room.”

A number of regulation breaches found in July – including having sufficient staff, making sure any there were properly vetted and the premises and equipment not being maintained – had all been dealt with and Hyde Nursing Home is no longer in breach.

And feedback from people living there and their families was posit8ive, with them telling inspectors: “I feel safe and I have not had any falls. I choose to stay in my room and eat my meals in here, it’s great that there are staff around I just press my buzzer if I need anything.

“Safety is good, and we trust the staff to look after our loved one and all their needs are met. Medication is administered and there are always staff around.

“It’s marvellous here and I wish I could stay permanently. I would recommend anyone to come here.”

And despite the improvements, CQC inspectors say they have made a recommendation in relation to audits and more audits relating to medication are carried out.

The report adds: “Since the inspection, audits have been started throughout the units. This would improve oversight of medication management across the service.

“We recommend the provider ensures audits are completed across the units to ensure they are effective.”


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