Bloomin’ great plan for village’s phone box

PLANS are being put in place to bring new life to a vintage red phone box that is a centre point of a village.

Logan Charnock has taken on control of the facility in Carrbrook after it was adopted by Mossley Juniors AFC.

And he has several ideas that would see the structure, which temporarily played host to a food bank, become a key part of the community.

Top of the list, though, is to turn it into a ‘flower phone box,’ joining several around the country that now exhibit the finest flora.

The traditional red phone box in Carrbrook Village

Logan explained: “I believe it will be stunning and with the right help will be something that everyone will enjoy.

“But it will take some work. The plastic/glass windows for safety will be removed and then either hook on planters will be installed and fixed or shelving installed with flowers growing out.

“A lovely company has offered to replace the windows but they would have to be cut out due to fixtures being rusted.

“They would then have to re-drill the holes, re-tap them etc, which is a very long process and the best part of 100 holes.

“This is one of the reasons for going forward with a flower phone box and there would also be a good clean and coat of paint to brighten it up

“I’d even go as far as putting solar LED lights either around the top or down each corner of the box if I can make it work.”

The phone box, near the Buckton Vale Institute at the junction of Buckton Vale Road and Long Row, was turned into a food bank and community larder in 2020.

However, reports of rodents being seen and anti-social behaviour contributed to it being closed down.

Now Mossley Juniors, who are donating £200 towards the flower project, have asked Logan to have a final go at making it work.

And he spelled out just what failure would mean for the 1930s installation.

He added: “The phone box is owned by BT and adopted by Mossley Juniors Football Club on behalf of Carrbrook Village.

“We are thankful to the club as they were the ONLY successful candidates and without them the phone box would not be here.

“if they don’t wish to continue adopting it they hand their notice to BT and then they take it away. End of, bye bye phone box, no second chances.”

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