Train station to receive a facelift

AN AUDENSHAW railway station described as being an ‘overall mess’ will receive a much-needed makeover.

Fairfeld, which lies at the bottom of Booth Road close to the former site of the clubhouse at the neighbouring golf club, has been left unsightly after part of a wall was removed.

Metal railings have since dominated the scene, leaving it looking more like a building site than a passenger hub.

Fairfield Train station

But Network Rail is to renovate it by replacing the fencing with timber hoardings – and the Friends of Fairfield Station will be involved in making them look nicer.

In a letter to Cllrs Teresa Smith and Charlotte Martin, the body said: “Due to the poor condition of the building wall, we removed a section of the brickwork and replaced with Heras fencing and installed extensive propping to the building and access stairs in order to keep the station operational and mitigate any safety risks due the poor condition of the structure.

Renovations are underway

“I appreciate that the aesthetics for passengers and the community can be improved until the permanent repairs are undertaken we are therefore are going to install some timber hoarding, in place of the Heras fencing to improve the visual impact.

“As well as this, we are going to work with the Friends of Fairfield Station to further enhance the aesthetics of the boarding installed.”

In the longer term, Network Rail revealed the existing building and stairs will be completely replaced.

But it will involve the community as it added: “We want to work with the community and will therefore be undertaking a Diversity Impact Assessment (DIA), which is the consultation with local residents, medical services, nurseries, schools, disability groups etc to mitigate the impact of our works on the community while they are taking place.

“I hope this gives you some assurance to our commitment to talk to and work with the community whilst we deliver these essential repairs.”

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