Ashton sites to go under the hammer

A FAMILIAR Ashton landmark remains on the market after being unsold at an auction – and another is set to go under the hammer.

Despite one bid of £580,000, the Old Street building known to thousands as the Shubar was made available, along with the car park behind it.

However, values were not reached on March 8 and 9 and it did not sell.

Documents relating to the site detail how it was handed over to George Bernard of Sandbach, Cheshire by the Earl of Stamford and Warrington as long ago as 1853.

The former Shubar in Ashton-under-Lyne | Photo by Gemma Carter

It was then sold almost 100 years later by Blackpool-based Harriet Barkham to familiar show sellers Edwards Meeks Ltd.

And according to paperwork, the land was transferred to Poplars Parking Ltd before it was sold in October 2018 for £255,000.

Now it has been unsold.

That comes despite Tameside Council approving plans by Congleton, Cheshire-based Yu Group to demolish the existing structure and build a new block which will contain 49 flats plus retail units.

Aerial view of Shubar site

And the property being marketed with: “Rental demand in the town centre is high with an expected rental value per year for the developed apartments of at least £380,000 plus an additional £30,000 for the retail units making the projected annual income far north of £400,000.”

Ironically, a building backing on to the same car park will also go to auction later in March.

However, anyone looking to take on what was The Fish Net and keep it as a chip shop has been warned they face plenty of work for it to comply with regulations.

The Fish Net in Ashton-under-Lyne. Image by GGC Media

With starting bids wanted at £150,000 when it comes up on March 29, a fire regulation survey done in 2017 but still applicable as nothing has happened since then, spelled out the issues.

It states about the four-storey structure: “There is no fire detection/warning system installed except for a single battery operated smoke detector in the basement office and no emergency lighting installed.

“No staff training is in place and there is an absence of suitable signage.

“Travel distance from the upper floors is extended and no fire doors are installed. There is no fire logbook or record keeping process in place for maintenance of fire safety provisions.

“Means of escape is not satisfactory. Travel distance from the far side of the dining room at the front of the building on the first floor to the final exit door at the front of the building is approximately 24 metres.

“The travel distance from the second floor to the final exit door at the front is at least an additional 10.

“To accommodate for the extended travel distance, construction of a protected route from the upper floors to the front exit door would be required This would be quite difficult to achieve.

“A more practical solution would be the installation of an external escape on the rear of the building so that escape is possible from first floor level on to the flat roof at the rear and from there down external stairs into the rear yard area to the final exit gate.

“I would advise the ground floor only to be occupied by members of the public until remedial work is completed.”

Despite that, the property is marketed with: “The lot on offer is located in a parade of shops built in the mid-1800s and had been a popular fish and chip restaurant for many years, dating back to the early 1970s.

“It is located in the heart of the town centre opposite the indoor market and certainly has a great deal of footfall from the pedestrianised area it sits in.”

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