Drivers in the north west urged to ditch the car and save up to 24 per cent by commuting by train

NORTHERN is encouraging commuters in the north west to switch from driving to taking the train as they could save hundreds of pounds a year.  

According to the train operator’s data, commuters who choose to take the train could reduce the cost of their daily journey to work by up to 24 per cent.

For customers with an annual season ticket travelling from Chester to Manchester, taking the train costs £14.06 compared to £18.40 when driving.

This is a saving of £4.35 a day and a whopping £938.65 a year.

Other routes such as Blackburn to Manchester, offer a saving of 20% when taking the train instead of driving and travelling from Bolton to Manchester would mean a saving of 23%.

Chris Jackson, regional director at Northern, said: “As the cost of fuel continues to rise, it’s important that commuters understand the savings they can make by switching to the train. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it’s also better for the environment, with each train journey helping to reduce congestion and air pollution on our roads.”

Commuters who switch to taking the train can also enjoy additional benefits such as increased productivity, reduced stress, and the ability to avoid traffic jams and parking fees.

To make train travel even more affordable, a Northern Season ticket represents the biggest discount and unlimited journeys between two named stations. Now available as Barcode ticket, it makes it even easier to renew and travel with.

For customers who travel less frequently, Northern offers flexi season tickets, which offer any eight days travel in a 28-day window.

Commuters can find out more about the cost savings they can make by switching to taking the train here


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  1. What train company don’t understand is just comparing direct monetary value is not good enough. People’s time is move valuable then saving of nominal money. For me home to office is abt 40 minute by car but via train it could be up to 2 hours depending on delays and cancellations.
    So instead of giving incentives around money saving if you make sure you have frequent trains which runs on time I’m sure more ppl will choose train.

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