Decades-long jail terms handed out over Mossley murder

A WOMAN has been jailed for 13 years for her role in her ex-husband’s killing after he was tortured at his Mossley home.

And Coleen Campbell is believed to have visited the scene of Thomas Campbell’s death – the quiet street of Riverside – as people left flowers and tributes.

Sentences totalling a minimum of 62 years have been given to three defendants, including a term of life with a minimum of 37 years after Reece Steven was found guilty of murder.

Coleen Campbell and Stephen Cleworth were both found guilty of manslaughter relating to what was described as ‘extraordinary act of barbarism.’

Ms Campbell, of the Clayton area of Manchester, was told she must serve two-thirds of her sentence in prison. Her co-convicted was sentenced to life in prison, to serve a minimum of 12 years.

Bolton Crown Court was told the 38-year-old woman was consoled by Thomas’ parents despite knowing her role in the plot.

And when The Correspondent attended the area, dozens of people were there including, according to one police officer ‘his wife.’

The victim’s brother Daniel told how he and his family are ‘haunted’ by the fact that she attended: “All when Coleen knew the part she played in the plot that cost Thomas his life.”

“She has shown no remorse,” he added.

The body of Thomas Campbell was found at his home in Mossley

After a five-week trial, Coleen Campbell was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter after she shared information about Thomas’ whereabouts with his killers.

The trial heard Mr Campbell suffered 61 separate injuries in a two-hour ordeal, including having boiling water poured on his buttocks.

Shocked neighbours discovered his body the next morning as a recently built street on a new development became a crime scene.

Police are still hunting the alleged mastermind, believed to have been one of the three attackers, John Belfield, who is thought to have fled the country.

The court heard as Mr Campbell went to unlock his front door at 11.06pm on July 2, three men burst out of a van and launched their attack. His home was ransacked and his blood covered the walls.

Police and forensics at the scene in Mossley

Mr Campbell’s father Terry told the court in a statement: “Since Thomas was brutally murdered, every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is him alone in the house with those people.

“When I’m awake, it’s there, and when I’m alone, it’s there. I know my family are feeling the exact same way.

“I can’t call the people that did it animals, because animals are beautiful things.

“All I can call them are creatures, and those creatures I believe have given our family a kind of cancer.

“I know that I will die before my time because the cancer is eating me alive.”

Judge Julian Goose described the murder as ‘horrific’ and added: “This was a robbery of a drug dealer by other drug dealers, who were part of an organised crime group.

“Thomas Campbell refused to tell them what they wanted to know.”

And of Coleen’s role, he continued: “She was told he (Thomas Campbell) was to be robbed and knew that violence would be necessary.

“Coleen Campbell, as the former wife of Thomas Campbell, was part of the planning and organisation for the robbery. She was aware of the use of a vehicle tracker.”

Steven, 29 and of Heywood, – one of three attackers who ambushed the 38-year-old at the door of his home on Saturday, July 2 – was convicted of murder.

Cleworth, 38 and of Middleton, also was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. All three were also all found guilty of conspiring to rob Mr Campbell by unanimous verdicts delivered by the jury after they denied all charges.

Karl Murphy, a 50-year-old from Denton thought to have been recruited to drive the attackers to the scene, was cleared of a charge of participating in the activities of an organised crime group and was released.

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  1. Deepest condolences to all your family and friends ? ? don’t think Colleen should get out earlier ? Rest in heavenly peace Tom ?❤️ heartbroken for everyone especially your poor children ?

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