Clean slate at Ashton shopping centre after new contract awarded

AN ASHTON shopping centre has a new firm in charge of keeping it clean after a £200,000 contract was awarded.

And that means new washroom facilities and new equipment being used at the Ladysmith.

Owners Ashdown Philips and Partners have awarded the tender to Lancashire-based Aston Services Group.

As well as providing cleaning and security, it will also add landscaping and washroom services at the shopping centre, which stands next to both the Arcades and market square.

It will also invest significantly in what is described as ‘new capital equipment.’

ASG was awarded the contract based on its ability to provide effective management support and its use of innovative IT solutions and online staff training portal.

And it is nothing new to the firm as it provides support services for more than 30 shopping centres across the country, employing more than 800 staff.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this new contract for Ladysmith,” Alistair Clayton, sales director, cleaning at ASG said.

“We have a long standing presence in the region and Ladysmith is a significant addition to our services portfolio.

“We look forward to providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment that ensures all visitors enjoy a great shopping experience.”


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