MP learns how Divide is being bridged

ANGELA Rayner MP got stuck in as she learned how schools are working to make sure children are not victims of an emerging divide – the digital divide.

And she fronted just about the harshest, most willing to say what it thinks, audience possible as she gained people’s views – a class pf children.

The Ashton MP visited Hurst Knoll St James CE Primary in the town to learn what is being done to ensure pupils are not left behind in the digital age.

She joined a Year Six session to see how newly acquired iPads are assisting their learning in the classroom.

Hurst Knoll’s headteacher, Jonathon Hobday, also told more about the work of the Oldham-based Foresight Foundation, which was established with the aim of educating and empowering disadvantaged communities and reducing digital poverty to create a technologically inclusive society.

Ms Rayner said: “The digital divide was highlighted during the pandemic when schools were shut during lockdown, forcing teachers to adapt to a new way of learning with very little notice and children forced to learn from home.

“Some families struggled to cope with remote learning due to a lack of the necessary equipment or WiFi and fell behind with their learning through no fault of their own.

“It was great to chat to Craig and Dale from The Foresight Foundation to find out more about their mission to get children from disadvantaged areas across Tameside and Oldham equipped with the technology they need.”

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