Smaller flats scheme for disused pub

A DISUSED Stalybridge pub could be transformed into eight flats after a new, smaller scheme was proposed.

Tameside Council has received an application to convert the Travellers Call, on Wakefield Road, into the properties.

But applicants, Manchester-based Travellers Terraces Ltd, believe they have learned from previous refused and withdrawn schemes.

All eight units will be one-bedroomed and a new storey being added is replaced with an extension that would not make the structure much bigger.

Travellers Call Pub, Wakefield Road, Stalybridge

And those wanting permission feel it would add to the area – as there is little chance of it becoming a pub again after closing its doors in 2018.

Documents backing the application state: “The redevelopment of the site will provide a considered housing scheme that respects the host site and the surrounding area, providing a development that sits comfortably into the surroundings and offers a good standard of amenity for all existing and future occupants, respect residential amenity and aid local housing supply.

“Much of the concern regarding the previous planning application related to the harm caused by the large extension but this is omitted from this proposal but a two-storey extension is considered to be appropriate especially with regards to residential amenity.

“While eight apartments are proposed, these are now 1 bedroom units which would essentially half the parking requirements from the previous scheme which sought 8 x 2 bedroom units.

Blue plaque on the building | Photo by Gemma Carter

“Public houses are sadly closing at an alarming rate and this has been well documented in the media.

“However, given the scale of this pub in its current form, it has become unsustainable and the expectations that such a facility would be busy and profitable seven days per week are unrealistic especially given the presence of an adjacent public house and others within the area.

“To be successful, a public house needs regular customers to sustain it and for example, simply relying on weekend visits or occasional visits is not enough to allow a business such as this to be economical.

“No-one is denying that public houses are not of fundamental importance but the most successful pubs are those that are supported by the local community which enables them to thrive.

“The change of use of the public house to residential accommodation makes the best use of building and will ultimately guarantee its future.”

If this new scheme is permitted, the Travellers Call’s outside, which would be re-rendered, would see windows and doors inserted.

Travellers Call Pub, Wakefield Road, Stalybridge Photo by Gemma Carter

Four apartments would be on each floor with entrances via a main entrance at the side which allows access to a stairwell for the first floor apartments Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission but those hoping to convert the pub believe they should be able to.

They added: “We feel there are sufficient positives to justify an application of this nature and its redevelopment and occupation will bring wide-ranging benefits to the local area.

“Fundamentally, while changes are proposed to the building, they will respect the building and its relationship with the vernacular of the surrounding area.

“Repositioning doors and windows is much less significant than the radical proposals submitted previously.

“This scheme will assimilate with ease into its surroundings and will ensure that this visually prominent building will retain its importance within the street scene because a vacant building is to no-one’s interests.”

3 Replies to “Smaller flats scheme for disused pub”

  1. That is such a busy road and to add more traffic is ridiculous there are houses next to this disused pub and it would cause more traffic round the back which is parking for those residents it is not in keeping with the area this building needs either pulling down and landscaping or reopening as a pub as the pub opposite has now closed down

  2. It’s sad but times have changed pubs don’t have the loyalty of customers anymore they drink at home more which is understandable, due to the times we live in .so redevelopment is the answer we are desperate for housing for our children to obtain and bungalows for our elderly who are living to an older age these days which is good but need better accommodation.

  3. These should be first time buyers only property,not buy to let,kids today can’t get on the property ladder. Sad to see another pub closed. Remember it when we lived near the old church. Thriving pub then.

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