COLUMN: The Correspondent’s monthly delve into the local music scene

THREE bands from Tameside played a sold-out show at Manchester’s iconic Gorilla venue earlier this month and it truly was like witnessing the start of something special.

From the first steps through the doors, the rearing energy of a packed crowd at Gorilla could be felt.

Every single person in the venue was stood, drinks in hand, eagerly anticipating the opening band.

Just as the crowd couldn’t be kept waiting for another second, New Revolution – a young and ambitious four-piece who incorporate elements of various sub-genres of alternative rock – burst on to the stage with their frontman sporting a Narrow Margin t-shirt and announced their strong presence with an immovable wall of penetrating noise from their electric guitars.

The band continued to wow the crowd with their alternative styling of indie rock music; boasting catchy vocal melodies, flashy guitar solos and utterly incredible drumming.

Throughout New Revolution’s set, the crowd was filled with an amazing energy and every single cheer and scream echoed through the venue.

Narrow Margin captured by Erica Roberts

The band rounded up their set with a classic rock and roll ending, welcomed by an ear-bursting roar from the crowd.

Next to storm the stage was five-piece Broke Casino, who are influenced by multiple genres including indie, rock, pop and funk to create their own unique sound.

From their first moments on the stage, the band had the crowd at their fingertips – largely thanks to frontman Ralph McCarthy-Schofield’s uncontainable, contagious energy.

New Revolution by Erica Roberts

Song after song, Broke Casino were leaving the crowd in awe as they blasted out amazing guitar riffs and unforgettable choruses, backed by pounding basslines and drum beats.

A number of their dedicated fans never missed the opportunity to sing along as loud as they possibly could, creating an incredible atmosphere in the venue for Broke Casino.

Their closing song was followed by a chant for, ‘one more song,’ showing how amazed the crowd were by the band.

But room had to be made for the headlining act, punk rock ‘n’ rollers Narrow Margin.

Broke Casino captured by Erica Roberts

The second the band were on the stage and strumming the first chords of their opening song, Narrow Margin were on top form as usual, boasting soaring guitar riffs and anthemic choruses all throughout their raw and energetic set.

There wasn’t a single moment of Narrow Margin’s show when the crowd wasn’t either bursting with energy or waiting eagerly for the next song.

Standout tunes such as Kids Don’t Dance and Urban Hell had the audience screaming the lyrics in unison with charismatic natural-born frontman, Ian Spiller, while the rest of the band backed him with raw proficiency and energy.

Narrow Margin’s closing track, their debut single and fan-favourite Oxford Street, was the evident highlight of the night.

Everyone in the crowd was radiating an immense energy and singing along passionately.

Overall, the gig was a tremendous triumph for the Tameside music scene – three amazing local bands playing their hearts out at a sold out show in the centre of Manchester and leaving the crowd in absolute awe whilst doing so.

It was certainly a night to remember.

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