Runners get on their bikes

MOSSLEY AFC Running Club members have been getting on their bikes to take part in a different discipline, duathlons which comprises a run, followed by a cycle and is completed with another run.

The event at Dunham Massey was a 2.5K run, 13K road bike race and then another 2.5K run. This was completed by Joe Carroll in 50 minutes (34th place) , Karl Law 53min (49th), Steve Grainger 57.03 (75th) , Ian Townley 63min (94th) and Shaun Mason, who took a wrong turn, 68min (106th).

Another duathlon was completed at Manchester Airport with a greater distance of 3K run, 17K bike ride and then finishing with another 3K run. This was completed by Joe Carroll in 64min (45th), Shaun Mason 66min (56th) , Karl Law 67min (58th) and Ian Townley 76min (85th).

The cross-country season has continued with another event at Heaton Park.

The men’s race was completed by Paul Anderson 55min 27sec, Rick Wilson 52.15min, Mark Hanlon 52.27min and Anthony Shepherd 51.44 min. These results placed the men 11th in the team competition.

The women were represented by Selina McLean who completed the race in 40min 51sec.

Coronavirus restrictions meant parkrun was paused, but this resumed in July and Adam Battersby completed his 100th parkrun this month. He chose his home parkrun of Stamford Park to celebrate this achievement and his daughter Lily, 10, completed her very first parkrun on the same day.”

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