The Eggs-act point of street art

SOME say it is graffiti, others say it is street art. To the person behind the images, they are more like social comments.

Stalybridge has seen four portraits sprayed on to walls in recent weeks, leading to plenty of debate.

And Hyde has two, including his latest work in the town which targets one of the area’s biggest issues.

One theory can be debunked now too. It is not a commission from Tameside Council.

The Correspondent understands some residents of developments on Stalybridge’s Castle Street, the site of the first work, want it removed.

The girl in the donut appeared on the side of Gladstone barbers and coffee shop | Photo by Gemma Carter

The image of a young girl surrounded by a doughnut led to talk of world-renowned Banksy visiting the town.

However, it soon became clear Mr Eggs was behind it and there is a deeper meaning than just making walls look nicer.

The first image is titled ‘Lock Me Down, Watch Me Grow’ and is a comment on how Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns can have an impact on childhood obesity, which was already at a startlingly high rate.

The second piece of art on the side of Sunflower nursery | Photo Gemma Carter

A video posted on social media shows the mysterious artist creating his image on the wall next to Gladstone Barber and Bistro in the early hours of a December morning.

When The Correspondent approached them, the first words out of their mouths were: “It’s nothing to do with us!”

The binary code robot appeared most recently in Stalybridge | Photo by Gemma Carter

Mr Eggs, however, was not finished in Stalybridge.Next on his list of targets was Sunflower Day Nursery on High Street, with a painting of a young girl watering what appeared to be a plant.

However, there is much more than meets the eye as he explained the reasoning behind Growing Up Without A Stable Home.

Mr Eggs told The Correspondent: “It’s hinting that the little girl could be in temporary accommodation, rented, or on a housing list all due to the housing crisis and failure to provide access to affordable housing.

The Greenbelt protest piece on the side of a house in Godley | Photo by Gemma Carter

“This painting highlights the plight and challenges of some of our youngest and most vulnerable residents who are suffering the most.”

And the nursery itself was delighted as it said: “Thank you so much. We love it and are delighted to share your artwork and valuable message with the community.”

From there, it was on to the town’s The White House pub with an out and out festive creation, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Eggmas.

On first sight, it looks like a snowman carrying a candy cane but closer inspection reveals it is in fact a bazooka that appears to have fired a decoration higher up the wall.

Happy ‘Eggmas’ appeared in Stalybridge Town Centre | Photo by Gemma Carter

A video shows Mr Eggs using a stencil against the Water Street venue before day breaks and pub owner Gill Ogden was ‘honoured’ he chose her establishment as his canvas.

The very latest work sees a robot on the wall of Caroline House on Grosvenor Street, showing it beaming binary code with a laser while stamping on a radio control.

In Hyde, Newton sees the Relics’N’Rust store on Commercial Brow iadorned with kids book and TV character Noddy looking miffed at his trademark car.

And Mr Eggs’ latest work, which appeared on Sunday, January 16, makes a direct reference to the controversial Godley Green Garden Village plan.

As well as a child collecting bricks in a cart, the slogan ‘Save Our Green Belt’ appears one the gable end of a house.

And its owner Nickie is more than happy to be chosen, saying: “I woke up and it was on the side of my hose. I was absolutely buzzing, it’s amazing.

“And it definitely gets the message across. Hopefully it will bring a lot of interest and make people say, ‘What’s happening What’s going on?’

“There are so many older people who aren’t on social media and haven’t got a clue about the ridiculous plans.

“But I had no idea out was happening. I couldn’t be happier.”

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