Pensioner fined after dropping food waste

A PENSIONER has been ordered to pay more than £600 after being found to have dropped litter.

Harry Marland, 83, was fined £440 after being found guilty of leaving food waste on Market Street in Manchester city centre.

With costs and a surcharge added, the total came to £609 for the incident on May 14.

Marland, of Vicarage Crescent, Ashton, was among several people who appeared at Tameside Magistrates Court shortly before Christmas for similar offences.

His exact charge was that he ‘threw down, dropped or otherwise deposited litter, namely a food waste, and left it on Market Street a place.

“Contrary to section 87(1) and (5) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.”

At the hearing on December 23, the charge was proved and Marland had until January 20 to pay what he owed.

In a similar case, Amanda Watmough, of Hyde, was ordered to pay a similar amount for dropping a cigarette.

The 47-year-old, of Thorpe Hall Grove, was found to have left it on Market Street on May 11.

Stephen Smith, 34, of Ravenwood Drive, Audenshaw, was ordered to pay a total of £239 for dropping a cigarette on Manchester’s London Road on April 23.

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