Police action demanded after park problems

CONCERNED town councillors have called on the police to get involved and start tackling issues plaguing a park.

And they believe it should not be left to rank and file officers – senior Greater Manchester officers should get involved.

Egmont Street in Mossley has seen six swings destroyed and dog mess left strewn all over the play area, posing a health risk to children

The damaged swings in the childrens play area at Egmont Street Playing gardens | Photo by Gary Carter

And after reports of animals being trained to attack the equipment, as well as showing the effects the actions have had, volunteers spelled out what may happen in no uncertain terms.

After hearing concerns surrounding what could happen if dogs get into the playground when kids are using it, the authority said enough is enough.

They also believe excuses about a lack of evidence or data just do not wash.

Mossley councillors hit out at the lack of police action and demand top brass are made aware of the issues and get involved.

Chairman Cllr Frank Travis said: “Something has to be done about this.

“We need to move this on from being a light touch to something that is more serious. This is destruction.

“The powers that be need to step in. We need to engage the higher echelons of the police. Tameside Council also needs to take some responsibility in doing that too.

Police are investigating and asking for witnesses to come forward | Photo by Gary Carter

“It’s not just the duty of the police to say, ‘Have you got any evidence.’ It’s their job to go and get that evidence.

“What we want is a proactive police force, not a barely reactive police force.”

Fellow councillor Idu Miah added: “In the past, we haven’t achieved anything until we’ve started putting pressure on the police to concentrate services and time on Mossley.

“Saying, ‘Unless you’ve got CCTV evidence, we can’t do anything,’ is a reactive response and doesn’t work.

“It’s also no good saying, ‘We haven’t any data.’ I’m sure they have.”

Since hearing of the concerns, GMP has issued an appeal for any witnesses to come forward through Mossley officer, PC Martin Dench. In a statement, he said:

“Mossley Policing Team are investigating a series of damages to Egmont Street Playing Fields and asking for any witnesses to come forward who might be able to assist.”

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