Mizan’s mighty fundraising achievements

YOU may think running a restaurant in Hyde is enough to fill someone’s time – that is just a small part of Mizanur Rahman Mizan’s day.

For he is committed to raising money for good causes both on his doorstep and in his homeland of Bangladesh.

Then there is sitting on several committees aimed at helping businessmen from his country succeed in the UK, then there is helping out at sporting clubs,

On top of all that, he is involved with Hyde’s Jamia mosque and is a TV reporter for a channel which broadcasts in Asia.

Mizan at his restaurant ‘Adnans’ in Hyde | Photo by Gemma Carter

But just seeing his efforts benefit others gives him the thrill to keep going on.

Mizan, who runs Adnan’s on Market Street, said: “I don’t really have any big dreams. As a human, I want to live my way. I want to spend all 24 hours in a good manner.

“I split my time but sometimes I feel sorry for my wife, Fahima Rahman Choudhury, and children. I now feel doing that much charity work did them a bit of an injustice.

“Whenever I do business, I’m always a charity-minded person and by far my biggest achievement is helping build an eye hospital in Sylhet.

“I lost my mother when I was just 18 months old and I feel whenever I do some good work with a charity that it’s in my mum’s honour.

“As a Muslim, I always believe that whenever you do something good, the honour goes to your parents – that’s why I do charity work. My children are exactly the same and I’m a very happy man.

“For their sacrifices, I’m so grateful to them and through my foundation, we’ve raised more than £200,000.”

Back in Bangladesh with the hockey team

Mizan, who lives in Dukinfield, may be a star in Hyde but before he moved to the UK, he was a star in his homeland thanks to his efforts with a hockey stick.

He played for his country and also for one of the biggest sides in Bangladesh, where he was feted when he returned there.

However, it was another sport that saw him make an impact in his adopted home by helping form the Hyde Boys Cricket Club in 2018, which features players from his ethnic community.

“After 30 years, I went back to Bangladesh to try and encourage the younger generation in hockey,” Mizan added.

“I played at school, college, university, for top clubs and my country – I really miss those glory days.

“Hockey in Bangladesh used to be big but in recent years it’s fallen well behind cricket, that’s the most popular game there now.

“Two months ago, I went back and searched out my old club, Abahani. I went to see them play at the ground where I played.

“I told the younger players great memories and I’m currently on the hockey member committee there. They’re the biggest club in Bangladesh.

Mizanur Rahman

“And I still have contact with players, trying to help and encourage them.”

After more than 42 years of putting his hand up and doing his bit, both in Hyde and Bangladesh, Mizan – who is north-west president of the British Bangladeshi Chamber of Commerce – may be forgiven for winding down.

But he will have none of it. His Just Help foundation turns 15-years-old on March 7.

And if anything, the last two years and the Covid-19 pandemic has showed him more needs to be done, especially in Hyde.

He told The Correspondent: “Through my business, I support local schools and clubs. Also, I provided food for about 150 people to Tameside Hospital during the pandemic.

“Through another private scheme, I gave another 50 and I’ve also just given out free meals, often anonymously – just to do my bit for humanity.

“The time of the pandemic has been a crucial time to work for the community. I love to serve the wider community and locally, my foundation has done a lot of work.

“Drug abuse is a big issue, along with anti-social behaviour. So we’ve done a lot of youth activity work and for people who are isolated, we help them achieve.

“We also gave tuition to kids who are struggling in their education until the pandemic we couldn’t do anything other than help out with meals to support those who were missing out.

“I’m just a small businessman doing what I can. Hopefully that can inspire other people to do something too.”

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