Tameside Befriending Week: Show you’re there and you care

TAMESIDE Befriending Week (TBW) – which takes place from Monday, January 24, to Friday, January 28 – is all about helping others with simple acts of kindness.

At its heart is the AOK Appeal which invites people across the borough to do that something small but special for family, friends and neighbours.

TBW is all about events and activities that support the wellbeing of the community and raise awareness of social isolation, vulnerability and loneliness. It’s led by Mossley-based GW Theatre with support from Tameside Council’s Winter Pressures Fund.

AOK Tameside befriending week

The AOK Appeal wants to get everyone, from individuals to groups, schools and businesses, to undertake an act of kindness that could have a positive impact on the life of a vulnerable person living in Tameside.

It could be something as straightforward as knocking on a neighbour’s door to say “hello” and check if they’re well, to offering a lift to the hospital, creating a space where people could socialise, or even a special school assembly. The key thing is to show you’re there and you care.

Cllr Eleanor Wills, Tameside Council’s executive member for adult social care, said: “I know Befriending Week will be a success because Tameside folk are some of the friendliest and most caring people you could meet. This has been proved time and again when we’ve had some sort of ‘emergency’ like severe weather or the moorland fires.

“The pandemic has made the last two years very challenging. Lockdowns have kept people apart and affected families and friendships. TBW can be a catalyst for the wider community to heal itself. It presents us with the perfect opportunity to work together to reduce vulnerability, isolation and loneliness in Tameside.”

More information about Tameside Befriending Week is available on social media. Visit, like and share the Facebook page www.facebook.com/tbw2022 and follow TBW on Twitter @tbw_2022

If you provide an AOK, share it using the hashtags #tbw22 and #aok22

For further information and support required email dave.jones@gwtheatre.co.uk

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