Hospice Raizes the stakes thanks to donation

WILLOW Wood Hospice is celebrating after unwrapping its new Raizer Chair, thanks to a kind donation.

The facility, based on the border of Ashton and Stalybridge, was given more than £3,000 by the Morrison’s Foundation to fund the specialist piece of equipment.

Rather than use a hoist, which takes two members of staff to operate, this allows patients to return to a sitting or standing position much more easily.

And community and therapy services manager at Willow Wood, Rebecca Stimson, believes it can boost their work.

(l-r) Support Workers Bethany Bailey and Mark Hilton, with community and therapy services manager Rebecca Stimson, demonstrate the Raizer chair in action

She said: “As our services develop, we are finding that we spend more time out in the community where our staff may be working alone.

“Safety is a priority for both our staff and our patients, whether in the community, attending our day services or on our in-patient unit.

“Of course, all our patients are risk assessed and monitored carefully but there can sometimes be the potential for a fall.

“That’s where the Raizer Chair will be a real asset and a very welcome resource.

“This fantastic piece of equipment is a very safe, comfortable and easy way to get patients back to a sitting or standing position.

“It’s lightweight, so can easily be carried, and can be operated by just one member of staff.

“The green light and buzzer indicate that it has been correctly assembled, giving the assurance that it’s ready to use.

“Once the patient has been positioned comfortably, the Raizer Chair slowly brings them to a sitting position from where they can be helped back to their feet.

“It’s something that has been on our wish list for some time, and we are so very grateful to the Morrison’s Foundation for providing funding.

“Grants such as this are a real help to Willow Wood – every day it takes £7,650 to maintain and develop our services and around 80 per cent of that figure has to be raised from within the community.

“To receive funding for such a specialised piece of equipment is a wonderful donation and it will be a very valuable asset for years to come.”

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