Centre parking fines explained

A DENTON community centre has had to explain why it has now implemented a fines system for unauthorised users of its car park.

People wanting to use the Haughton Green Centre found themselves unable to leave their vehicles because of others clogging up spaces.

Incidents of cars being damaged and other anti-social behaviour also meant action had to be taken.

The private parking signs in Haughton Green

Now the Tatton Road facility has had to employ a parking firm which will issue fines to anyone who is not meant to be there.

In a statement, the trustees of the centre said: “We would like to thank the community for understanding and cooperating with the decision to reclaim the private car park at the Haughton Green Centre for authorised visitors and service users only.

“This decision was not taken lightly but in view of recent damage to several vehicles, risk to members of the public and associated anti-social behaviour issues, it was felt there was good reason to alleviate any further injury or loss to authorised users, that restrictions have been applied.

“Sadly, there are still a few individuals who are unwilling to accept this decision.

“To tackle this problem a PCN system is now in force. We wanted the community to be aware that unauthorised users of the car park are likely to receive a fine.”

The proximity of shops to the Haughton Green Centre meant many were using a space as it was convenient.

But the centre’s board believes putting the safety of those using it first meant the fines being introduced.

And anyone using the centre, which is the site of a number of community groups, can still park there, as long as they get it validated.

They added: “We appreciate how convenient the centre car park has been for retail customers over the years, and it was not a popular decision to enforce the private nature of the car park.

“However, we trust you will understand the parking situation at the centre became unmanageable and concerns over safety were raised by public and stakeholders alike.

“It is a legal requirement that we put the welfare of our authorised visitors first.

“Thankfully, there are numerous other car parks in the vicinity for people to use.”

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