Town Council weighs up whether to ‘bid’ for land

MOSSLEY Town Council is to decide whether it wants to bid to own a piece of land that is being disposed of by the Tameside authority.

People interested in the area on Greaves Street have until December 17 to say if they are interested in taking it on.

And the Town Council debated at its meeting on December 8, as the Correspondent went to press, if it wants to be in the running.

The land, part of an Asset of Community Value until May 5, 2023, is under an initial moratorium period, which means it cannot be disposed of.

During that time, a community interest group can submit a written request to Tameside Council indicating that it wishes to be treated as a potential bidder for the land.

Greaves Street

Doing that would trigger the full moratorium period of six months, ending of May 5.

And the Town Council is judging whether to go to bid for the land or alternatively, whether it is likely that a community interest company may be interested in bidding for the land.

Community interest groups with a local connection must have a charity, community interest company, company limited by guarantee that is non-profit distributing or an industrial and provident society that is non-profit distributing to qualify.

If the latter is applicable, it may still put itself forward as a bidder, even though it would not restrict who the owner of a listed asset can sell their property to, or at what price.

It would also not automatically mean it has a right of first refusal.

The land on Greaves Street has been listed as an Asset of Community Value since January 6, 2018, after a case was made for it not being developed.

However, another two areas under the same order have already been removed after Tameside’s borough solicitor decided so on November 16.

Examples of its use including picnics on the green, use by dog walkers and the general public as informal open space and children using the site for playing were listed as reasons why it should be protected.

It was also stated: “Mossley is already being overdeveloped with hundreds of new houses proposed as a result of redevelopment.

“It is considered that the town has reached its limit and for the sake of relatively small sums of money valuable community spaces are being sacrificed.

“Local residents are concerned that the town’s green spaces are being exploited due to the popularity of the town.

“This ‘little piece of land’ is in fact well used and highly valued by the wider community and disposal of the site will erode the intensely strong community spirit which exists.

“The space offers respite and makes a positive contribution to people’s mental health and wellbeing.

“The Greaves Street land is on one of the best focal points in the town. It is one of the few places where isolated people and children can get away from traffic and noise. It is a place of calmness and tranquillity.”

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