Tameside Captured: looking through your lens

GO on, admit it – The only picture many of you want to see is one of a roaring fire or a radiator.

But the drop in temperatures – and the arrival of the white stuff – has not put off Correspondent readers from getting fantastic photos.

Even though it is cold, sometimes very cold, you have still been out and about, capturing the area’s beauty.

Cocker Hill in the snow by Jayne Bradbury

And white is very much the dominant colour this month.

This month’s star image, and £20 prize, goes to Jayne Bradbury, who caught the snow-capped green, yellow and orange hues of the plants alongside a shining lamp.

But the snow scenes could not be resisted by Charlotte Hughes, Mark Healey, Simon Careless or Ian Clarke.

Gary Whittaker managed to catch the vivid colours of lights being cast against the trees, with blue and purple giving it an almost other-worldly sense.

Steve Procter went up in the world to get an aerial snap of how the weather made a wider area look while nature also had to deal with it as well as humans.

Vicky Cameron snapped a cow looking out with seemingly as much enthusiasm as many of us had while Tony Bayliss captured a robin against a brilliant backdrop in scenes the birds are made for.

• If you want to contribute to Tameside Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to gary@localcommunications.co.uk Or you can post them in our Tameside Captured Facebook group. Search for ‘Tameside Captured’ or head online
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