St Joseph’s doing their bit for the environment

St Joseph’s Eco-council have been extremely busy this half term. They meet at least once a week and tend to the wildflower mini-meadow and the bug hotels on the school grounds to ensure wildlife are encouraged to grow and multiply.

They also ensure that the school and the local area, including the church grounds, are litter free by organising litter picks.

Pupils at St Joseph’s Primary school in Mossley

This term they made a bid to the Woodland Trust to secure nearly 300 saplings to further the school’s fight against climate change.

The saplings, which include rowan, hazel, hawthorn and crab apple have been donated to school by the Woodland Trust and the eco-council have been busy distributing them.

The saplings have been received by St Joseph’s Church, local schools and the parents of children at St Joseph’s.

They really are making a positive impact on climate change in Mossley.

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