Volunteers receive police award

A GROUP of volunteers who help make sure Tameside’s communities can be as safe as possible has received a police award.

The Tameside Independent Advisory Group (IAG) has been given the Chief Constable’s Special Recognition by head of the Greater Manchester force, Stephen Watson.

It comes after working to make sure the sense of community is not lost, tackling inequalities and problem areas.

Tameside IAG Award ceremony

In its citation, the IAG was praised as it said: “Through the dedication of its members over the past twelve months, Tameside IAG has become a shining example of “community “

“The volunteers worked together to foster positive relationships and provide community confidence and cohesion after a number of incidents threatening community unrest.

“Their work has been recognised as “gold standard” by chief officers and the local authority.”

Since being formed last February, Tameside IAG has played an active role in helping communities.

Made up of people from all faith groups, the voluntary sector, community groups and charitable organisations with an independent Chair, it was not hindered by the pandemic, in fact the opposite – meeting online every week.

It was also behind two injunctions obtained through the courts and two closure orders where the premises concerned were the cause of anti-social behaviour and Covid-19 breaches, most notably a house in Droylsden that had been hired via AirBnB and was the cause of Anti-social Behaviour and breaches of Covid regulations.

IAGs were developed nationally by police forces and police authorities to provide independent advice in understanding the role and impact of the police in diverse communities.

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