Nursery improving but needs to get better

AN AUDENSHAW nursery has been told it is getting better by Ofsted inspectors – but has been told it still needs to improve.

Most alarmingly, staff at Little Giggles changed children’s nappies without washing their hands or cleaning the mat while the visit was taking place.

The facility on Guide Lane was previously deemed inadequate by the Government body and is now in the ‘requires improvement’ bracket.

Yet inspector Tricia Graham – at the second probe in three months – highlighted areas it can work on.

Little Giggles Nursery

The report states: “During the inspection, staff changed several nappies without washing their hands or cleaning the changing mat.

“This lapse in procedures increases the risk of cross-contamination.

“In contrast to this weakness, the nursery continues to be ‘fogged’ each evening, which kills any germs and viruses. In addition, soft furnishings, such as bedding, are washed daily.”

The Ofsted report highlighted changes in the management team since July’s inspection have had a positive impact and it says its use of books is a strength.

And more alterations are to come.

It adds: “Leaders and managers have worked together and secured some improvements.

“For example, they have made prompt referrals to outside professionals to help children who need a little support.

“Leaders and managers also acknowledge that the quality of practice throughout the nursery is not consistently good.

“As a result, they have plans to make further improvements. However, these plans have not yet been implemented.”

It also praised staff’s interactions with babies, saying: “Staff caring for babies speak to them clearly and respond to their babbles appropriately.

“For example, they sing to the babies and repeat words, which helps to develop babies’ language and communication.

“The content and sequence of the curriculum for babies positively supports their progress.
“However, toddlers’ learning experiences do not help them to flourish.

“Staff caring for toddlers are not as confident in planning and delivering an ambitious curriculum. This does not help to build toddlers’ knowledge and skills well enough.”

While the atmosphere and environment at Little Giggles was described as ‘stimulating, safe and secure’ and pre-school children ‘confident and self-assured,’ the inspector admits work needs to be done on the education it delivers.

The report says: “The quality of education across the nursery is not consistently good. There are still gaps in the curriculum.

“As a result, not all children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), build up their knowledge and skills as well as they should.”

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