‘No entry’ restrictions still redundant due to lighting issue

A ONE-WAY traffic order for a Mossley side street still has not been implemented more than a year after receiving the green light from Tameside Council.

Initial proposals for the change to Roughtown Road took place in April 2020.

The scheme – that has already divided residents’ opinions – was recommended for approval and ultimately agreed at a Speakers Panel (Planning) meeting on October 21, 2020.

The covered signs at Roughtown Road in Mossley

‘No entry’ signs were erected at Roughtown Road’s junction with Manchester Road earlier this year and a ‘no left turn’ sign was installed on Manchester Road. Both were then covered up by plastic until it could be implemented.

Due to bad weather, the Roughtown Road covering has partially blown off, leaving motorists confused as to its legitimacy.

Now a Tameside Council spokesperson has said “The one-way signage for Roughtown Road is still due to come into effect.

“The electric connection to the one-way sign – for illumination purposes – has proved difficult as it cannot be hard wired to a nearby lighting column.

“We are therefore looking into alternative solar or photovoltaic solutions.”Roughtown Road, which leads from Carrhill Road to Manchester Road, is currently two way and directly serves approximately 70 properties.

There are three almost 90-degree bends with a carriageway width of approximately five metres.

The local authority previously stated it had been approached on many occasions by residents of Roughtown Road and Higher Newtons regarding the volume and speed of traffic using the route, deemed inappropriate for a large amount of traffic.

There were eight formal objections (one outside of the 28-day objection period), six representations in favour, including the MP for the area and a petition holding nine signatures also in favour of the scheme.

Six of the objectors raised concern the proposals are in the ‘wrong direction.’

Two objections came from Mossley Fire Station informing Tameside MBC that by making Roughtown Road one way in the proposed direction, ‘on call’ fire fighters in the borough may struggle to meet the time constraints set by the fire station.

5 Replies to “‘No entry’ restrictions still redundant due to lighting issue”

  1. If this one way down on Roughtown Road is still to be implemented and goes ahead is there any chance a stagger could be put on the traffic lights at the bottom of Stamford Road for those running right. As traffic will not be able to go UP Roughtown then they will have to travel to the traffic lights and the queue will be even longer than it is now. The other alternative route is via Well-i-Hole road which is in the habit of being closed quite a bit. Did the planning dept and speakers panel realise this or do they not have to access these routes? My grandchildren go to Milton School on Mill Lane and it is so much quicker for many parents to go up Roughtown.

  2. Linda’s post above illustrates the real underlying problem here. “School runners” trying to (possibly) save a couple of minutes on the school run. Unfortunately, it can create chaos! Cars meeting up/down (particularly on the regular sharp bends) creates regular log jams. It can sometimes take ages for them to clear – so the “scholl runners” should have gone the sensible route via the main roads in any event! Also, some cars literally “fly up” this narrow, dangerous road, with their horns blasting in the hope of “beating” any downward traffic. A death waiting to happen, no doubt. The sooner the “one way down” goes live the better – for road safety.

  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make it one way up? Going up Stamford street can be a nightmare with how the traffic lights run at the bottom now. You can already come down one way past Milton as well. Unless there is some of reason I’m unaware of, this seems to make more sense.
    It does need to be one way, but access up is already limited. When Stamford road shut for maintenance once, it was an awful long way around?

  4. In reply to Rachel – no!

    Think about the residents that live there. They have to have removal lorries, skip waggons, delivery of building materials etc. just like everyone else.

    The road is too narrow at the Manchester Road end for such vehicles to go UP. They ALWAYS come down from the Carrhill Road direction. In fact, most skip waggons end up reversing down from Carrhill Road so that they can then travel upwards again. Otherwise the only place they can turn around to go back up is by using the driveway of the bungalow at the bottom of Roughtown.

  5. All these comments are all very well, but if you live on or around Rough Town Road you will know what it’s like. No one as made a mention about winter, snow and ice, have a go at coming up from Manchester Road in these conditions it is most imposable. I’ve contacted the council several times over the years about the danger on this road, they have tried several schemes out none of them have worked. Never mind what the council say they have investigated. Just come and aske the people who actually live here and use this road to get from their house to work. then see what the real problem is.

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