Picture perfect Lee’s shots picked for prestigious exhibition

A SELF-TAUGHT photographer from Stalybridge took his place alongside some of the best and most decorated on the planet after being picked to feature in a huge exhibition.

Lee Whitehead’s work found itself on display at Berlin Photo Week after he captured a spectacular image of the Milky Way.

And few were more surprised than the 34-year-old, who featured on TV interviews after being selected for the event.

About 32,000 people saw it at the exhibition, which showcased photographers capturing various genres such as landscape, portrait, travel and documentary.

After teaching himself how to take a photo, he entered a contest ran by organisers and The Berlin technology company SAP, which gave eight photographers a chance to join the exhibition.

Thousands of images were submitted from photographers from countries all around the world.

The entries were shortlisted and judges selected just eight finalists to be awarded places alongside world class artists like Thomas Hoepker, Sven Marquardt and Evelyn Bencicova.

Now after being selected, Lee’s photos have also been published in magazines in New York and this country.

New York publication Photographize featured his work in their 100 best selected artists annual book for 2020.

But being selected and being among such respected photographers was a shock.

Lee said: “I was surprised to see that my picture had been awarded a place in the exhibition and it was great to see my work on display alongside so many of the photographers that have been such a big inspiration to me.

“I’m grateful to have been part of the event.”

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