Godley Hall apartment plan can save structure

A PLAN to convert a historic former pub into four-bedroomed house would save the structure from collapse, it has been claimed.

And despite a community effort to save Godley Hall Inn raising more than £127,000 – that may not even have covered the bill for repairs.

Stalybridge-based Parkland Properties, whose director Dominic Bardsley was linked with buying it from early in a campaign, has applied to Tameside Council to convert the Grade II listed property.

And a report, which states it was initially marketed as a pub, says work on it will bolster the current standing.

It says: “We would also suggest the £127,301 would not cover the extent of the repair work that the property requires.

Godley Hall Inn

“The applicant recently received a quote of £44,895.00 for the replacement of the windows and doors, which is only a small fraction of the repair works.

“During negotiations for a sale, the community were made aware and decided they wished to attempt to purchase the property via the Community Right to Bid.

“As such the applicant withdrew interest to allow the community to attempt to raise the required capital.

“The local community withdrew their bid and the previous owners once again approached the applicant who agreed to purchase the property with a view to converting the Inn into a single dwelling as is proposed under this application.

“It’s considered as a building at risk and would get worse if it continued as a public house and does not receive the financial capital required to repair it, as demonstrated by the condition of the pub at time of sale.

“There is not sufficient desire or demand to retain this property as a public house.”

Mr Bardsley’s application details what will happen to the structure if permission is given.

Externally, damaged stone mullions will be repaired without removing historic stonework where possible.

If it is unavoidable, a heritage stone mason will be employed to restore or recreate historic features and all windows and doors replaced throughout, except the ground floor bedroom, with double glazed sealed units.

A new drive with parking area and separate bin store will also be created while internally, what was the bar area will become a kitchen with the existing pub kitchen to become a bedroom.

Godley Hall Inn landlord and landlady Alan and Sue Hanson were told they had 12 weeks to leave after 18 years’ service as the pub was put up for sale.

Owners Mike Radcliffe and Shaun Donohoe made the decision to sell because the pub is not making enough money.

That raised fears it would be bought by a developer and an initial meeting was attended by councillors Jim Fitzpatrick and Betty Affleck.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said at the time: “It’s an old farmhouse that was converted into a pub, so you could turn the pub back into a residential property as that’s what it used to be.”

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  1. Before you use a quote you need to get your facts correct
    1 Alan & Sue Hanson were given over 6 months notice not 12 weeks as your article says.
    Also Sue & Alan Hanson Offered to stay in situ to help to prevent the building being vandalised whilst the Community tried to raise the necessary funds.
    I expect a retraction to the part of given 12 weeks to leave this is not true I will ask my solicitors to look into what I see as slanderous remarks
    Michael Radcliffe

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