Emmaus pays tribute to staff member Heather

EMMAUS Mossley has paid tribute after the death of one of its staff members, Heather Titley.

And her legacy continues as she requested that instead of flowers at her funeral on Friday, November 19, donations be made to the organisation.

A book of condolence was available for anyone to record their thoughts, memories and feelings about the volunteer-turned-staff member.

And director Alison Hill paid tribute to her after her death on October 31.

Heather Titley

She said: “Heather was unique and we have so many stories of the fun, madness and sadness we all enjoyed together that it’s impossible to put it all into words.

“She had the difficult job of helping to manage our charity’s budgets and our cooks have already said they miss their weekly arguments about shopping lists and stock levels.

“One funny example of Heather’s frugal but practical nature is when she sold a pair of shoes via our charity’s eBay.

“When she took the box to the Post Office, due to its size, they wanted to charge more than the postage costs she had listed

“Rather than paying extra, she proceeded to re-package the shoes individually and post them separately. Thankfully, both parcels arrived with the buyer.”

After starting as a volunteer, Heather eventually became a staff member in September 2013, becoming an assistant administrator.

As well as commitments with Emmaus, she participated in community litter picks and volunteered at Mossley SOUP events.

She was central to Emmaus holding Macmillan Coffee Mornings every year and organised and led evening and Sunday social walks.

Partner to Justin, mother of Ella and Nial and grandmother to Cody, Heather volunteered for a week at Emmaus Feniks in Holland in 2015 and supported an Emmaus group in Srebrenica, Bosnia.

Alison added: “Heather was very much a big part of our family and one which she wanted to share with other members of her own family.

“Heather introduced Nial to our charity to take part in a six-week work placement for his degree course.

“He then got the Emmaus bug too, continuing to help in our superstore after his placement, completing a fundraising run in Leeds, and performing live at our Sound and Vision charity evening.

“When Heather became a granny, her world changed. Heather couldn’t have been more proud of her daughter Ella and grandson Cody.

“Heather really did make a huge contribution to our charity and to the lives of many people she met along the way.

“I feel so fortunate that Heather made it her mission to become part of our community all those years ago.

“She was involved in the life of Emmaus Mossley much more than administration and her legacy will live on for many years to come.”

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