Objections to controversial building scheme grow

OBJECTIONS to a proposed housing development and community plan have grown to almost 300 formal protests.

However, a Stalybridge community is being split between those who believe Tame Valley Park should and should not happen.

Casey Group wants to develop the site of the former Hartshead Power Station and Millbrook Sidings in a £7 million scheme, with 162 homes earmarked for part of it.

Documents name Countryside Properties as the company looking to buy part of the area and develop housing.

Hartshead Power station

However, a consultation period saw 292 people lodge their opposition to the proposal before it closed on Wednesday, November 10.

The three councillors for Stalybridge North – Jan Jackson, Adrian Pearce and Sam Gosling – also came out against the scheme.

Yet there were also a significant number of people in support and social media battle lines have been drawn.

Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee will decide whether to approve or refuse the application. However, Mossley Town Council is also keeping a keen eye on progress.

Even though the area technically falls under Stalybridge, the development would see an increase of traffic – both in terms of vehicles working on it and the amount of cars belonging to people who would live there.

Proposals for a new community hub in Millbrook as part of the development

Chairman Cllr Frank Travis, however, said: “A few years ago, when I was a Tameside councillor, there was a fairly big consultation about this, mainly centred on Stalybridge.

“The business proposition delivers quite a lot of community benefit and gets rid of quite a lot of an eyesore.

“It isn’t in our ward but it’s close to us and my personal view is that it’s a step in the right direction.

“As an ex-planner, I’d probably want to know a bit more about the house types, making sure it doesn’t become ‘standard issue’ housing and how it works with the environment.

“The other thing is the traffic generation, which is always an issue. I’m happy if we signal we want to keep a watching brief on it.”

Cllr Jack Homer added: “We’d want to find out exactly what the advice of Tameside Council’s highways department is, the type of houses and their relative cost.

“And going back to our green agenda, are they going to provide electric car charging points and how are they going to use renewable energy sources?”

5 Replies to “Objections to controversial building scheme grow”

  1. There are to many new houses going up in and around Mossley and the surrounding areas. Traffic is horrendous, you can’t get into a dentist or get a doctors appointment and the schools are bursting with to many children.

  2. What about the infrastructure? I presume a lot of families will be moving into these homes, the local schools are already over-subscribed so where will the children go to school? It will also increase demand on the school places for the future. Local GP services will also have added pressure as all these people that would potentially move there would need a local family doctor etc. The council just see it as 162 new council tax bills £££. Also, with it being a new estate there won’t be any crime statistics which is how the police budget & allocate their services. So there won’t be anymore policing for the area. Are their adequate crossings and traffic calming measures to manage all the extra traffic ? Doubt it. And remember – the public concensus won’t have taken this development into account.

  3. To sum it up all tameside are interested in is ££££££ more money for their coffers! No interest in the environment, extra traffic,no infastructure schools,doctors,emergency services etc, to sum it up the councillors see no evil, hear no evil and talk bullsh** 😡😡😡🤭

  4. We are supposed to be planting trees , not tearing them up. I suppose Casey group have got their eyes on Wild Bank and the rest of the moors as well.

  5. It’s a complete shithole and needs rejuvenating , It’s been a fly tippers dream for nearly 40 years, absolute eyesore, embrace change, it can’t stay like it is forever.

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