Quick-thinking nurse gets award for saving boy’s life

A TAMESIDE nurse has been presented with an award after her holiday turned into a life or death experience for one boy.

Jennifer Crozier was in the Gran Canaria resort of Puerto Rico on September 20 with her husband Andrew and their two sons Alfie, 11, and Harvey, 8, when tragedy almost struck.

But she helped revive a lifeless five-year-old boy after he was pulled from a hotel swimming pool.

And the Complex Care Nurse Sister has been presented with an award for her actions.

She is also urging others to learn first aid skills.

Jennifer receives her award from Dr Narveshwar Sinha

Proud colleagues at Stalybridge, Dukinfield and Mossley Primary Care Network applauded as Jennifer was presented with the award by Clinical Director Dr Narveshwar Sinha.

“I was at the bar when I heard a commotion by the pool and turned around to see a man lift this lifeless little body out and place him on the side,” recalled Jennifer, of Hyde.

“I rushed over and there were people gathering around not knowing what to do.”

Jennifer may have been on holiday but her skills did not slacken. She did a quick assessment and checked the boy’s mouth to make sure there were no blockages but, seeing his teeth were clenched, presumed he had suffered a seizure.

She performed chest compressions while telling the boy’s Danish mother to blow into his nose to get air into his lungs.

Fearing he had swallowed his tongue, Jennifer was able to flip him over at one point to slap him on the back, before continuing the life-saving treatment.

“After two more cycles he just started crying and I picked him up and gave him to his mum,” she added. “It felt like forever but was about five minutes in total.

“His mum was quite shaken. She walked past me with him in her arms, gave me a hug and said ‘Thank you so much for my boy.’”

The boy was given a check-up and the next day Jennifer saw him happily playing in the resort.

CPR charities have highlighted Jennifer’s story with people telling her they’ve booked on first aid courses as a result.

“It’s massively important to have CPR training and first aid knowledge,” Jennifer said.

“It would be amazing for it to be in the school curriculum.”

During her holiday, Jennifer was sent special thanks from the Mayor of Puerto Rico and honoured with an award at a charity event which said, ‘To our hero for saving the life of a child. We think you’re amazing and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’

Back in Tameside, she was presented with an engraved glass ‘Star Award’ trophy and gifts from colleagues.

Jennifer continued: “I’m overwhelmed. I wasn’t expecting anything. It’s really nice and shows what an amazing team we’re in. I’ve never felt happier in my work.

“It’s really surreal. With something so serious it feels weird taking gratitude. But I am very proud.”

Jennifer’s experience has obviously had an effect. Alfie has also told everyone at school about the dramatic incident and how proud he is of his mum, whose role is to look after patients aged over 65, supporting people to live well and longer.

NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Co-chairmen Dr Asad Ali and Dr Ashwin Ramachandra said: “Thank goodness Jennifer was in the right place at that moment in time.

“Her quick thinking actions and her ability to stay calm and focused undoubtedly saved this boy’s life.

“We are extremely proud of Jennifer and she is a worthy recipient of this award. It also shows how vital it is to have CPR and first aid training.”

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