‘Pointless’ MPs get seal of approval

IT is official – Tameside’s MPs are Pointless.

And Jonathan Reynolds and Andrew Gwynne could not be happier.

That is not a slight on their political expertise or the jobs they do for their constituents.

Richard Osman on BBC quiz show Pointless

Just they were Pointless answers in the hit BBC TV quiz show.

In the final round, playing for the jackpot, a couple had to name MPs from Greater Manchester.

And as co-host Richard Osman explained, Stalybridge and Hyde’s Reynolds and Denton and Reddish’s Gwynne scored precisely zero points.

So did Ashton’s MP – current Labour Party deputy leader Angela Rayner.

However, to say those named as Pointless are unhappy would not exactly be telling the truth – Reynolds and Gwynne are overjoyed.

Mr Reynolds said: “We might have been Pointless but my kids love that show and think Daddy being on ‘proper telly’ not political telly is priceless!

“Fame is overrated anyway. Getting things done locally is what counts!”

Mr Gwynne added: “Usually when you see the words Pointless and MP next to each other, you brace yourself, but this story really made me laugh.

“I never really got into politics to be recognised, more to get stuff done, so I’ll wear an appearance on Pointless as a badge of honour!”

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